Downtown Showdown
Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012 Downtown Showdown.png

Where Above Snow Forts
Opened June 14, 2012
Closed July 4, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
Gadzooks! Whoa! Watch out! Wait I think we're safe here for a second. Ok, so this is the Downtown Showdown, where super heroes and villains are currently battling. Watch out for giant robots, and deadly lasers, and stuff... This might not be a good spot for a tour actually...

The Downtown Showdown was a members-only party room present during the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012. Here, players could either battle or control the Destructobot, depending on whether they were a super hero or villain.


The battle takes place for two minutes. Heroes throw snowballs at targets, and villains throw snowballs into a big bowl that gives the Destructobot energy. At the end, one team wins. It then takes seventeen minutes for another battle to start.


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