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Green Dragon Costume from a Player Card.PNG
Scientific name None (mythological creature)
Similar creatures Lizard, Hydra, Sea Dragon, Sea Monsters
Appeared Ye Knight's Quest 2, Ye Knight's Quest 3, Ye Knight's Quest: Scorn's Revenge,
Predators None
Prey Just about anything.

Dragons are reptilian winged creatures in Club Penguin. Dragons are famously enemies of knights and in Club Penguin players pretending to be dragons often try to kidnap princesses. Despite this, a blue dragon helped a princess, a silver knight, and a court jester find treasure in a story in the Club Penguin Times.

They are mostly commonly seen during the Medieval Parties. Dragons are usually known to strike or be seen during these events. At the Medieval Party 2008, a robotic dragon was at the mine for penguins to control with the Switchbox 3000. Many quests were made during these parties to destroy the dragons, usually underground near lava. A very similar creature is a Hydra, which may be based on the Hydra from Greek mythology. They are like dragons, but without wings and they have 3-9 heads when born and can grow two more if one is chopped off. They may be distantly related to dragons. A Hydra was defeated during Ye Knights Quest 3.

At the Medieval Party 2012, the dragon king Scorn returned to Club Penguin to plot revenge on the kingdom. At Medieval Party 2013, you could use potions to transform into a Dragon Puffle and Ultimate Mega Dragon.


All dragons are reptilian creatures with two wings with two arms and legs, and two very long sharp teeth and big eyes. The dragon's head has several horns and fringes. All of the dragons have forked tongues, but the red and green dragons' tongues are red, while the blue and purple dragons have blue tongues.

Dragon Puffle

Main article: Dragon Puffle

A Dragon Puffle was spotted in a Club Penguin Magazine. A dragon puffle also appeared on Club Penguin's YouTube banner for the Medieval Party 2013. Later the blue and green dragon puffle transformations appeared at the Medieval Party 2013.



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