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Dragon Puffle
Green Puffle Dragon.png

Available No
Attitude Unknown
Member only Yes (Transform)
Favorite toys None
Play action Unkown
Dance flies up and down
Tongue color Depends on what the puffle's color is.
Speed Fast (On telescope)
Special features Flying
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID Unknown

Dragon Puffles are a mythical type of puffle. They were originally seen in the Spanish Issue of the Club Penguin Magazine. They were later confirmed to be in the Medieval Party 2013 via a sneak peek. At the party, members could drink a Potion and transform into either a blue or green dragon puffle.


  • They first appeared in the Club Penguin Magazine in February 2013.
  • In a video Club Penguin update there was a potion with what appeared to be blue and green dragon tails, the blue is of a blue dragon but the green was from the chicken puffle.
  • The color of the potion matches the puffle's tongue color. The blue puffle dragon has a purple potion, while the green puffle dragon has an orange potion.
  • In-game, the blue dragon is slightly darker than a regular blue puffle.
  • A blue Dragon Puffle was shown on the cover of the 28th issue of the Club Penguin Magazine (behind the red dino puffle).
  • Even though a red dragon puffle was shown, it was not included in the party.
  • The outline of a dragon puffle can be seen on shields in Club Penguin: Halloween Panic!.
  • According to Issue #507 of the Club Penguin Times, it is unknown is dragon puffles ever existed as anything but transformations
    • In the same issue, PH mentioned that if they do exist, she thinks they would come from Dragon's Peak.


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