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EPF Bootcamp
Operation Puffle EPF Bootcamp.png

Where The Wilderness
Opened November 21, 2013
Closed December 5, 2013
Mini-games Puffle Chase
Room ID 853
Tour Description
This is the Boot Camp. The EPF set it up so agents can train and get ready to explore. You can BBQ some fish or test your skill on the balance beam or climb the wall and hit the bell.

The EPF Bootcamp (also known as the Operation Puffle Bootcamp) was a temporary EPF Bootcamp created for Operation: Puffle. It appears to be located right by the river.


  • Whenever you go onto the river, a boat will appear as if you are riding it.
  • Walking by different parts of the room will cause different things to happen.
    • If you climb the net, the bell will ring.
    • Standing near the grill will turn it on.
  • This is where you rescue the Green Puffle.
  • Similar decorations could be seen at the Dock during the Wilderness Expedition 2016.


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