EPF Comm Headset
Clothing Icons 11503
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available No
Type Head Item
Member item No
Party None
Cost Free
Where found N/A
Item ID 11503
Unlockable No
Not to be confused with the Comm Headset.

The EPF Comm Headset was a head item in Club Penguin. It was first found in a game file in January 2013, and was only unlockable with a limited membership card.



  • Many players thought this item released along with the Dig Team Gear. This was proven to be false as the Club Penguin Magazine Issue 13 cover did not include it as one of the unlockable items.
  • If you pressed the Dance Button whilst wearing this item, you would do a special dance.
  • While the special dance was performed, the color of the beak and feet of the penguin turned into a darker tone of orange. The same happened when you danced with the Bling Bling Necklace.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseEscuta Espiã da EPF
FrenchLe Casque-micro de l'EPF
SpanishAuriculares para Agentes de comunicaciones
GermanEPF Komm-Headset
RussianНаушники связиста ППП



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