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EPF Handbook
EPF Handbook 2015.png
Date released November 10, 2015
Found EPF Command Room
Area 501 (prior to Holiday Party 2015)

The EPF Handbook was a handbook for Elite Penguin Force agents. The book included details about Elite Penguin Force Agents, villains, gear, and other general information. It was located at the bottom-right hand corner of the EPF Command Room. It was the spiritual successor to The F.I.S.H., which was a guide for PSA agents.


Tic-Tac-Toe Code messages

  • Page 2: "The first pin on Club Penguin was a four leaf clover"
  • Page 4: "Maintain your cover"
  • Page 5: "I miss the Sport Shop"
  • Page 6: "You did it! You found me!"
  • Page 7: "Click clickety click!"
  • Page 8: "My secret? Sunglasses"
  • Page 9: "Rock on"
  • Page 11: "Do not hug me"
  • Page 12: "Click! Clickety! Clickety!!"
  • Page 13: "Revenge"
  • Page 14: "It is not our fault"
  • Page 15: "The goal? Total destruction"
  • Page 16: "Until next time"
  • Back cover: "Be remarkable Be resourceful Be ready"
  • Club Penguin Times issue #526 secret pop-up: "New EPF Handbook read up agents"

Hidden messages

  • Page 4 (click EPF badge with exclamation mark): Fact – In 2010, a popcorn explosion put the PSA HQ out of commission.
  • Page 5 (click "G" above Gary's portrait): Rumor – An invention may allow Skip, the evil bellhop, to reappear.
  • Page 7 (click Rookie's glasses): Fact – Rookie tries to partner with Jet Pack Guy whenever he can.
  • Page 9 (click Herbert's mouth): Fact – Herbert P. Bear is a vegetarian.
  • Page 11 (click Tusk's face): Rumor – Tusk and Herbert footprints have been spotted together in the mountains.
  • Page 16: (click EPF badge with exclamation mark): Rumor – Scorn the Dragon King may be a looming threat.


  • Just like hidden pins in yearbooks, the EPF Handbook had secret messages popping by clicking certain parts of pages.
  • There was an unused popup which detailed the Director's signature, the last symbol used in Tic-Tac-Toe Code, which presumably meant "AA". Notably, it also referred to the Director as being head of the PSA, which ceased operations in 2010, rather than head of the EPF.
  • The handbook made no mention of PH or the Elite Puffles.
  • The "new recruit" had multiple similarities to Franky. The silhouette closely resembled artwork of him on the Club Penguin: The Party Starts Now! album, and the recruit's bio made reference to having a "public persona", associating with "musicians", among other mentions of sound and electronics (Franky played the keyboard).
    • According to a former Club Penguin writer, this new recruit was not explored further due to little response from players, and not fitting into other then-ongoing stories.[1]
  • The encoded message in page 6 says "YOU DID IT! YOU FOUND ME!", which was Dot's first quote in her debut in The Mystery Unfolds.