EPF Phone
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Available No
Type Awards
Member item No
Party None
Cost None
Where found Everyday Phoning Facility
Item ID 8009
Unlockable Yes

The EPF Phone was an award in Club Penguin after becoming an EPF Agent. It was similar to the Spy Phone, but it was for EPF Agents. Secret Agents could get it by visiting the Everyday Phoning Facility and answering the telephone. It was usable in both Club Penguin and Herbert's Revenge. The EPF phone replaced the Spy Gadget, also being much more advanced than the Spy Phone. It was first seen at the website home replacing the PSA Spy Phone.


  • Elite Gear: Allowed you to spend their Mission Medals on special gear. Non-members could only buy one item: the EPF Earpiece.
  • Missions: Alerted on a new mission and allowed you to teleport to the EPF Command Room to start and complete the current mission.
  • Teleport: Allowed you to teleport to most free rooms. All rooms were arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Messages: Added in January 2011 when System Defender came out. Informed you about parties details and occurrences, along with other EPF-related situations.
  • Gadgets: Allowed you to see your gadgets. There was only one gadget, the TraceTracker 3000. The TraceTracker was not included in non-member's phones. The EntryGainer 3000 could be used when you break into Herbert's Hot Sauce Lair.
  • EPF Button: Like the teleport button, but this teleports you straight to the EPF Command Room (The button was at the bottom of the EPF Phone).
  • Elite Puffle: If you had Herbert's Revenge or an EPF Card Game code, you could unlock the Puffle Whistle function on your phone and call the Elite Puffle Flare.

Removed Features

  • Field-Ops: Alerted you on any new Field-Ops, and it provided a quick reminder of what you had to do on current ones. This feature was removed after the upgrade on April 5, 2013, and was replaced with missions.
  • Recruit: This gave you information on how to make other Penguins join the EPF.

Spy Phone Upgrade

On April 5, 2013, all EPF Spy Phones were upgraded. They were thinner and bore less resemblance to any particular phone that exists in the real world. It was mentioned by Gary in February 2013, in an EPF message.


  • During the Prehistoric Party 2013, if you travelled back in time, the Spy Phone could not be used, since there would be no signal available, so it would disappear from the screen and it would not open if you tried to access it from your Player Card.
  • The EPF Phone was upgraded for Operation: Hot Sauce.
  • After April 5, 2013, characters appeared in the new art style in Messages.
  • It was revealed at the end of Field-Ops #56 and #57 that the EPF Phone is functional in temperatures as low as 200º Kelvin (-173.15ºC/-819.67ºF), and as high as 3000º Kelvin (2726.85ºC/4940.33ºF).


  • On May 11, 2013, the Director of the E.P.F. sent a message to all penguins that said: All agents - upon completion of this week's Field Op, please take some time to enjoy the Holiday Party, and help out with Coins for Change.
  • Currently on new accounts, after collecting the phone, the EPF Phone did not show above the map, but did save to the inventory. This made the phone inaccessible to new players.



Old EPF Phone

Upgraded EPF Phone

Message icons


These icons were never associated with any messages, but could appear in place of an intended icon as result of a glitch.

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Telefone da EPF
French Le Téléphone de l'EPF
Spanish Teléfono de la EPF
German EPF-Agenten-Handy
Russian Шпионо-фон ППП

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