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Earth Day
Earth Day 2010 Mine Shack.png

The Mine Shack during the party

Members only? No
When April 21–27, 2010
Free Item(s) Straw Gardening Hat, Recycle Pin
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) None

Earth Day 2010 was a party which began on April 21, and ended on April 27, 2010. The main room was the Mine Shack, which was stated in the Penguin Times. There was a new room near the Mine Shack called the "Recycling Plant", which you could enter once you had the Recycle Pin, which you get after completing the Scavenger Hunt. There was also a new pathway added at the Forest which led to the Mine Shack.

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
Straw Hat.png Straw Gardening Hat Mine Shack No
Recycle Pin.PNG Recycle Pin Completing the Recycle Hunt No

Recycle Hunt

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All items

Clue 1: Start your hunt, and look closely where, you'll find beans and some cozy chairs.
Answer: Coffee Shop (Right on top of the plant by the coffee shop couches)

Clue 2: There's a mess spilled out on the floor, where you hear a Black Puffle snore.
Answer: Pet Shop (Right by the employees door right in front of the Puffle food.)

Clue 3: From this place great waves can be seen, what you seek is near something green.
Answer: Cove (On the left side of the screen right in front of a tree.)

Clue 4: Use your map and you'll travel far, Garbage is found where ninjas spar.
Answer: Dojo Courtyard (Right on the roof of the Dojo.)

The prize: Recycle Pin

Clue 5: This trash is hidden do not fail, To search nearby some penguin tales.
Answer: Book Room (On top of the bookshelf.)

Clue 6: Find green space, and look all around, For this thing fell on the ground.
Answer: Forest (hiding behind the rock.)

Clue 7: Where there's a ski lift you will find, Some trash that someone left behind.
Answer: Ski Village (right on top of the sport tubes in front of the Sport Shop.)

Clue 8: One last thing, That must be found, By tracks that take you underground.
Answer: Mine Shack (Right by the tree or right by the Mine Carts.)

PRIZE: Recycle Pin



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