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Earth Day 2011
Earth Day 2011 Town

The Town during the party

Members only? No
When April 21–26, 2011
Free Item(s) Outback Exploring Hat, Rockhopper Background, Safari Park Background
Location Dock, Town, Plaza, Snow Forts, Forest
Mascot(s) Rockhopper

Earth Day 2011 was a party which began on April 21 and ended on April 26. It is Club Penguin's second Earth Day party. It was confirmed in the Parent's Update email[1] and the Club Penguin Times. It was based on the support wildlife initiatives, such as the African Painted dog and the Snow Leopard. There was no party room. It celebrates the animals, especially the endangered ones. There were stamps for this party, which have been confirmed to be called "Go Green" and "Tree Mob" as revealed by the stamp files. Rockhopper showed up for this party. At the same time, because of Easter, there were Easter Eggs during this party.


Image Item Location Members only?
Explorer Hat Outback Exploring Hat Plaza No
Safari Park Background Safari Park Background After completing the Easter Egg Hunt 2011 No
Island Grove Background Island Grove Background Rockhopper's Rare Items No
Rockhopper Background photo (ID 9019) Rockhopper Background By meeting Rockhopper No
Snow Leopard Costume icon Snow Leopard Costume Snow Forts Yes
African Painted Dog Costume icon African Painted Dog Costume Dock Yes


Scavenger Hunt[]

1. The first egg is hidden up high, start your search near a small bonsai (Click the small bonsai tree in the Dojo)

2. This clue requires a very short note: Find this egg near a floating boat (The bottom screen next to the boat at the Dock)

3. The next clue is a total breeze: Find this clue near some trees (The bottom of the screen at the Forest)

4. Go to where lighting is dim, think of where you most like to swim (Behind the lifeguard tower at the Cave)

5. You gasped the clues, you followed the find the polar bear wrapped in vines! (On top of the tree located at the Mine Shack)

6. You're almost done so stay the course, find a room with a rocking horse. (At the bottom of your screen at the Lodge Attic)

7. Wrap up warm, or you'll feel a chill, spot this egg on top of a hill (At Ski Hill)

8. With this last clue, you're good to go, start a machine and make it snow (Bottom-right of your screen at Snow Forts)

PRIZE: Safari Park Background


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