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Earthquakes were an unnatural event caused by Herbert P. Bear using his Earthquake Driller in June 2008. He damaged much of central Club Penguin Island and some of the underground rooms. His goal was to use the drill to break into the Boiler Room to steal the boiler to use for warmth, with the earthquakes and their aftershocks serving as a distraction for agents.

Earthquake driller gear

The earthquake driller, which caused the earthquake

PSA Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors featured the effect of the earthquakes, where the player tracks down and investigates Herbert's plans.


  • Town - Cracks and several safety cones.
  • Coffee Shop - Cookie jar fell, the building is cracked.
  • Night Club - The building is cracked and the speakers fell
  • Book Room - Cracks and fallen books.
  • Dance Lounge - Cracks, also in the surroundings of the Night Club.
  • Gift Shop - Building fell underground (only seen in mission), windows broken and clothes scattered here and there.
  • Snow Forts - The collapsed Gift Shop seen to your left (only seen in mission)
  • Dock - The hole (only seen in mission)
  • Boiler Room - Boiler steaming and cracking (only seen in mission)
  • Lighthouse - Two cream soda barrels leak (only seen in mission)


  • It was the first recorded earthquake in Club Penguin's history.
  • Prior to the earthquakes, dring the Water Party 2008, Klutzy sometimes appeared at the Mine with a lantern.


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