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Easter Egg Hunt 2007
Easter Egg Hunt 2007 logo

Members only? No
When April 6–9, 2007
Free Item(s) Blue Bunny Ears
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) None

The Easter Egg Hunt 2007 was an event in Club Penguin. The free item was the Blue Bunny Ears, which is what you received once you completed the hunt.

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
Blue Bunny Ears Blue Bunny Ears Completing the Easter Egg Hunt No


  1. To kick start this Easter game,
    look inside a picture frame.
  2. The next one's closer than you think, it's where you'd go to get a drink.
  3. Atop a shack inside a spout,
    this egg needs help getting out!
  4. In a room of baking dough, look up high into the glow!
  5. This egg had a single wish,
    to swim amongst the crabs and fish.
  6. Beside beams of light you'll find it hidden, inside a box that's wrapped with ribbons.
  7. Near the place that you would choose, to settle down and read old news.
  8. Far from land the final egg be, look out towards the open sea!




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