Full amulet

The full Amulet, a symbol of elementary mastery
Is it seen right now? Yes
Type Natural effects
Party None
Where? All over Club Penguin Island

Elements are some of the most natural things on Club Penguin Island. Penguins can harness their power in Card-Jitsu and its spin-offs.


After the apparent death of Tusk, ninja training ceased until the release of the original Card-Jitsu. Sensei at some point learned Tusk was alive, and prepared to teach ninjas more in the elements. Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water were to train ninjas for battling Tusk, the event which would become Card-Jitsu Snow.



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Fire is the known for being the most deadly element in Club Penguin, having powers of huge destruction. Penguins harness the power of fire throughout the use of Hot Sauce.[1] Fire is strong against snow but weak against water.[2]


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Water is a natural source in Club Penguin, it is around the whole Club Penguin Island. It supports many places like the Beach, the Dock, Cove, or the Iceberg. It is strong against fire but weak against snow.[2]


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H2O is Club Penguin's brand of water, dispensed by a vending machine. The bottle has a white cap and a blue label with text that reads "H2O". H2O is a chemical formula meaning two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule.


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Alongside ice, Snow covers Club Penguin Island. It is known by penguins that the best snow on the island is found at the Snow Forts.[3] Along with being the basis of the island, it is also a Card-Jitsu element in which it is powerful over water but weak against fire.[2]

Card-Jitsu Elements

In the Card-Jitsu games, the elements snow, water and fire are used for playing the game, where each game takes advantages of different properties of each element. In Card-Jitsu, for instance, the elements are used as in a game of rock-paper-scissors, where fire melts snow, snow freezes water and water puts out fire; Card-Jitsu Water, for example, takes the same concept, but uses these properties to defeat obstacles made of these elements, and create a path to the end of the level. A penguin that has mastered a given element receives its gem, which is then displayed on their Amulet.


  • To achieve perfect harmony, fire, water, and snow must all be in balance.
  • The elements are present on the Amulet.


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