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Were you looking for the game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force?

The Elite Penguin Force (commonly called the EPF) is a special group of highly skilled P.S.A. Agents (called EPF Agents) chosen by the Director of the P.S.A., that appear exclusively in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. The EPF HQ is the Command Room, located inside the dresser of the P.S.A. HQ. It has replaced the P.S.A, which was destroyed to the Popcorn Explosion.




  • If you looked in the Elite Penguin Force case before the Popcorn Explosion you would find a code that gives you access to the Command Room, a certificate that would say you are an EPF Agent, a Spy Phone (Command Room teleport included) and 1500 coins.
  • In the game, the password to the Command Room is "3000", like Gary's inventions.
  • The dresser appeared a few days before the game's release, making some penguins suspicious.
  • As of May 17, 2010, the EPF has taken over all P.S.A. operations.
  • This agency is a replacement of the PSA.
  • If looked at closely, the first letters of the words Everyday Phoning Facility would make EPF.
  • The shape in Everyday Phoning Facility looked like the EPF logo's shape.
  • In a blog post by Billybob, he said that starting June 15th there will be weekly assignments. This turned out to be Field Ops.
  • EPF Agents get paid 350 coins a month, more than the 250 of former PSA agents.

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