You may have been looking for the Field-Ops, System Defender, or the PSA Secret Missions.

Elite Penguin Force Missions are special missions EPF agents are assigned in Club Penguin.

Elite Penguin Force Missions

Mission type Mission name
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
(Nintendo DS)
The Mystery Unfolds
Left To Your Own Devices
Rookie On The Rocks
Looking For Clues
All's Weld That Ends Weld
Do It Yourself Carting
Double Trouble
Flying High Pitched
Super Secret Gadgets
Damage Control
Robotomy 101
Robots On The Run
An Agent's Work Is Never Done
April Fools Mission
Christmas Mission
Halloween Mission
Summer Mission
A Special Message From Aunt Arctic
Puffle Prankster
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge
(Nintendo DS)
The Elite Penguin Force
Suspect at Large
Herbert's Plan
The Ultimate Mission
In-Game Missions Battle of Doom
Operation: Hibernation
Return of the Ultimate Protobot 10,000
Operation: Blackout
Operation: Hot Sauce
Super Villain Chaos
Operation: Puffle
The Jewel Theft
Save the Future!


  • Due to the EPF being more advanced than the P.S.A., the EPF missions are more important and serious than the P.S.A. missions.
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