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Elite Puffles are puffles that have been specially trained to assist agents of the Elite Penguin Force in their missions. Elite Puffles are trained by the Puffle Handler, and can be summoned by any agent that possesses a Puffle Whistle.

Each Elite Puffle has been trained to develop their favourite skill, usually one that reflects the attitudes of all puffles of that species. There are ten known Elite Puffles.

Elite Puffles

Image Name Description First appearance
Bouncer Poster.png Bouncer Bouncer is a blue puffle that is skilled in throwing snowballs with high speed and accuracy. Bouncer dons a red toque while carrying snowballs, and is described as being friendly. Elite Penguin Force Mission 1: The Mystery Unfolds
Blast Poster.png Blast Blast is a red puffle. Like other red puffles, he is very daring. He is able to shoot himself out of a cannon with such strong force that he can break crates or push heavy objects. He is also good friends with Rockhopper's puffle Yarr. Elite Penguin Force Mission 2: Left to Your Own Devices
Black PuffleFlare2.png Flare Flare is a black puffle. He can expel powerful blue fire that can weld together steel or melt ice. He uses a welding mask to help him weld. Like Blast, he is good friends with Yarr. He has multiple penguin friends as well, including the Coffee Shop Barista and two penguins that frequent the Snow Forts. He is the only Elite Puffle to be seen online. Elite Penguin Force Mission 5: All's Weld that Ends Weld
Loop Poster.png Loop Loop is a pink puffle. She is skilled with a lasso, and is able to tie up objects or grab them. She likes sports, and has been seen watching penguins play hockey at the Ice Rink. She wears a cowboy hat while using her lasso. Elite Penguin Force Mission 7: Double Trouble
Pop Poster.png Pop Pop is a purple puffle. She has been trained to blow bubbles that are so durable that only very sharp objects can pop them. The bubbles also enable large or heavy objects to become easily portable. She wears glasses with star-shaped lenses and is rather stubborn. Elite Penguin Force Mission 7: Double Trouble
Green Funny Puffle.png Flit Flit is a green puffle. He is able to fly at high speeds, and is able to fly for long periods of time without getting tired. He is even able to create small "tornadoes" by flying in circles[source needed]. Like all green puffles, he wears a red propeller cap to fly. Elite Penguin Force Mission 8: Flying High Pitched
Chirp Poster.png Chirp Chirp is a yellow puffle. She can play the flute at the right frequency to shatter ice and disable machines. She is so skilled at playing the flute that if she shatters ice, anything that is encased in the ice will not be damaged. Due to the power of the sound waves, however, she is only able to train at the Tallest Mountain. She wears a blue beret while playing her flute. Elite Penguin Force Mission 8: Flying High Pitched
Chill Poster.png Chill Chill is a white puffle. She has icy breath which can coat objects with ice, and can even make things out of ice. She was not an initial member of the Elite Puffles, and did not join until the other Elite Puffles befriended her. She wears a pair of blue earmuffs while expelling her ice breath. Elite Penguin Force Special Mission: The Puffle Pranksters
Lucky in the Club Penguin Magazine.jpg Lucky Lucky is a gold puffle. He has only appeared in a comic, where he helped save the other Elite Puffles from the Destructobot. His abilities are unknown. Club Penguin Magazine issue #31
Gulp Elite Puffle.png Gulp Gulp is an orange puffle. He has only appeared in a comic. His abilities are unknown, but he appears to have a powerful jaw. Club Penguin Magazine issue #34 (Portuguese)


  • In issue #333 of the Club Penguin Times, Elite Puffles were referenced.
  • There has yet to be a brown puffle, rainbow puffle, or any type of puffle creature to be utilized by the EPF.
    • At one point in development, there was going to be a brown Elite Puffle, although it was never created. It would have operated a small mech.[1]
  • According to issue #494 of the Club Penguin Times, Blue Raccoon Puffles are interested in becoming Elite Puffles.[2]
  • According to a poster, there are rumors that Loop sometimes leaves the island like a submarine to covertly explore uncharted territory, Flit is Rookie's secret sidekick, Chirp helps detect forgeries, Chill is connected to both secret agents and ninjas, and Pop once detained a well-known villain with just a bubble.[3]


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Puffles de Elite
French Puffles D'Élite
Spanish Puffles de Elite
German Elite-Puffles
Russian N/A