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|name= Elsa
|name= Elsa
|image= File:Elsa.png
|image= File:Elsa.png
|imagesize= 250px
|fullname= Queen Elsa of Arendelle<br>Elsa the Snow Queen
|fullname= Queen Elsa of Arendelle<br>Elsa the Snow Queen
|species= [[Penguin]]
|species= [[Penguin]]

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Full Name Queen Elsa of Arendelle
Elsa the Snow Queen
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position Queen
Appeared Frozen Party
Color Arctic White
Clothes Items The Ice Queen, Royal Eyelashes, Elsa's Ice Queen Dress, Elsa's Ice Queen Shoes
The Crowned Queen, Elsa's Coronation Dress
Related To Anna
Friends With Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, Marshmallow, Trolls
Meetable Character? Only when she's peforming
Voiced/ Played By Idina Menzel

Get it together. Control it!
— Elsa[1]

Elsa was a character in Club Penguin who appeared at the Frozen Party. She is the queen of Arendelle[1] and sister of Anna.

Elsa has the magic ability to create and control ice and snow. Haunted by the moment her magic nearly killed her younger sister Anna, Elsa has isolated herself, devoting herself to suppress her growing powers. A stressful coronation causes her to accidentally set off an eternal winter.[1]

Personality and traits

In the movie, she is the queen regnant of the kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa appears calm, reserved, regal and, unlike her sister, is experienced in grace and poise. She is shown to be compassionate, having cared strongly for Anna and, although she is the more mature and reserved of the two sisters, Elsa is shown to still be quite playful. However, ever since her magic nearly caused her sister's death, Elsa had lived in fear and trauma for a great amount of her life, too nervous to let her powers overdevelop. As a result, she chose isolation from everyone she cared about, including Anna, out of fear that she could hurt them and kept things to herself rather than communicate or be around anyone.


  • She was officially revealed to be involved with the party in a login screen.
  • In-game, she performed at Elsa's Ice Palace and gave away ice furniture to everyone. She also gave away Elsa's Giveaway.
  • She is the one who created Olaf, which influenced the design for the Snowman Puffles.
  • She had a player card id.




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