Make the Cut
DJ splash screen
Splash text Help DJ Cadence with the next big concert
Released March 8, 2018
Rewards 6 emojis, 100 coins, 60 Cadence XP

Make the Cut is an adventure in Club Penguin Island. It is received from Cadence, and is the first episode in Chapter 1: Beach Bash. During this adventure, the player must help Cadence, Dot, and Rory set up a stage at Coconut Cove for the concert Cadence is planning.


The adventure starts with Cadence greeting the player, referring to them as an "event coordinator" sent by Aunt Arctic. She states she has a concert for the community planned, named the Beach Bash, and she wants it to be special. She says Dot is making costumes, Rory is setting up the stage, and the player will handle all other work. She tells the player to meet them at Coconut Cove to help set up. Once the player arrives at the stage under construction, Dot greets the player, while Rory interrupts her twice, introducing himself as "That Penguin in the Overalls" and "Rory the master builder".

Dot asks the player to be the color purple (if a non-member) or wear purple clothing (if a member) and stand on the stage, and after this is done, she comments this would be "great camouflage for infiltrating a strange dimension". Rory sets up a screen at the back of the stage, and it displays various television channels, before Rory fixes it. Cadence has the player dance on the stage for practice, with gameplay identical to three rounds of Team Dance Battle. Cadence is impressed, and Rory is proud he was able to get everything working without anything blowing up. Cadence gives the player posters to advertise, which must be placed on four shops: the SS Convenience, Foodtrekker, Snowmelt Shop, and Franky's. After doing so Cadence comments that they will bring attention, but before she can continue, says there is a problem at the stage.

Once back at the Cove stage, Dot and Rory are arguing. Dot is mad that Rory used up all their purple dye, asking if he knows how long Crate Co. takes to ship, but Rory jokes that he hopes it won't take as long as them to deliver lunch. Dot asks if he could be serious, but Rory replies he tried, and it was "horrible". Dot walks away in frustration, as does Rory, and Cadence is worried about the show's failure if they cannot work as a team, and she thinks she knows how to get them back in tune. The player then receives 6 emojis, 100 coins, and 60 Cadence XP.

Adventure items

Image Name Location/use
Quest item Beach Bash Posters icon
Beach Bash Posters Received from Cadence after practicing dancing on the stage. They are to be hung up on multiple shops around the island to advertise the Beach Bash.

Names in other languages

Language Adventure name Splash text
PortugueseVenha com tudoAjude a DJ Cadence com o próximo concerto
FrenchPréparationAide DJ Cadence à organiser le plus grand des concerts.
SpanishHaz el corteAyuda a DJ Cadence con su próximo gran concierto

Adventure items

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