Better Yeti
RK splash screen
Splash text Rookie is grounded, literally. But Gary offers a scientific alternative
Released September 5, 2017
Rewards Ben's Boots, 100 coins, 100 Rookie XP

Better Yeti is an adventure in Club Penguin Island. It is received from Rookie, and is the second episode in Chapter 2: Get Exposure. During this adventure, the player must assist Gary with testing an invention as part of a deal to help Rookie climb Mt. Blizzard.

In order to play this adventure, the player must complete Ep. 1 - Peak Fitness and be at least Rookie rank 4.


The adventure starts with Rookie saying he is ready to climb Mt. Blizzard, and that nothing can stop the expedition, but before he can finish talking, Jet Pack Guy shouts "ROCKSLIDE!" and the mountain shakes. He says the path up the mountain is blocked and he can't fly that high. Rookie is disappointed as he promised everyone footage of the peak. Jet Pack Guy tells him to keep training, and flies away. After this, Gary chimes in saying he can be of assistance, and tells the plater to meet him at his lab at the bottom of the mountain.

Once there, Gary says Rookie's expedition is of scientific value to him because he can scan the mountain from yetis, and offers to help if the player brings his scanner on the expedition. Rookie complies with the offer, and Gary says the scanner first needs to be tested for durability by going down a tube track with it. After reaching the tube tracks with the scanner, Gary says either track will work. While tubing down one of the tracks, the scanner makes various noises. Upon reaching the finish line, the scanner has broken. Gary is disappointing, and asks the player to return it to him at his lab so he can make adjustments. Upon doing so he gives the player a newer, more durable model. He says this one should be tested by being launched by geysers at the Beacon Boardwalk.

After going to the Boardwalk and being launched by three geysers, Gary asks to check the yeti scanner, and this time, it is undamaged. He then says it needs a power source, and ten crystal collectibles at the Sea Caves should work. Once ten crystals are collected they have to be brought back to Gary, who inserts them in the scanner. Gary asks the player to connect the wires, and after they are all put into place he congratulates the player on inventing the Yeti Scanner 3000 with him. He then says Rookie will be reaching the peak after all, and to prepare for an "explosive" ride. The player then receives the Ben's Boots unique item, 100 coins, and 100 Rookie XP.

Adventure items

Image Name Location/use
Quest item Yeti Scanner 2999 icon
Yeti Scanner 2999 Received from Gary to test the durability of, which is done by going down one of the tube races with it.
Quest item Broken Yeti Scanner icon
Broken Yeti Scanner While going down the tube race, the scanner breaks, prompting Gary to make a better scanner.
Quest item Yeti Scanner 3000 off icon
Yeti Scanner 3000 An improved scanner received from Gary to test the durability of, which is done by being launched from three geysers with it. It does not break, and is later fitted with crystals to power it, and is then deemed a successful invention.
Quest item Crystals icon
Crystals Ten must be collected from around the Sea Caves to use as power for the improved scanner model.


  • On November 1, 2017, the XP rewarded for completing this adventure was changed from 110 to 60.
    • In the 1.13.0 update, the reward was changed again, from 60 to 100.

Names in other languages

Language Adventure name Splash text
PortugueseO melhor yetiO Rookie está de castigo — e muito. Mas o Gary oferece uma alternativa científica
FrenchMeilleur yétiRookie est cloué au sol, mais Gary a peut-être une solution scientifique à lui proposer.
SpanishEl mejor yetiRookie está castigado. Pero Gary ofrece una alternativa científica

Adventure items

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