Make Good
RK splash screen
Splash text You can't bring Gary his data, but maybe you can bring him some fun
Released September 5, 2017
Rewards 3 emojis, 100 coins, 100 Rookie XP

Make Good is an adventure in Club Penguin Island. It is received from Rookie, and is the fourth episode in Chapter 2: Get Exposure. During this adventure, the player must assemble materials to help Rookie make Gary a gift as an apology for losing his scanner.

In order to play this adventure, the player must complete Ep. 3 - Windy Path and be at least Rookie rank 5.


The adventure starts with Rookie saying that Gary is still upset about the loss of his yeti scanner, so to make up for it, as well as thanks for building the cannon used to reach Mt. Blizzard's peak, he will make Gary a "mega" gift. He asks the player to assemble various collectibles from around the island: choklidium, seaweed, seashells, and coconuts. Once several of each are gathered, they must be taken back to Rookie. He takes them, then uses them along with wood from his house and glue to make a gift, which he wraps and gives to the player to deliver to Gary.

Upon arriving at his lab, Rookie arrives, and Gary says he is not up to play Astro Barrier with him right now, but Rookie says he is here to deliver a present. He opens it, and gives Gary a miniature model version of himself. Gary likes it, and commends Rookie on his job, who says he knew Gary needed a lab assistant. While they are talking, Rookie's house falls off the cliff. Rookie says he used wood from it to make mini-Gary, but Gary says his house's structure is more important gives the gift back. Rookie says he will use tubes to keep it standing, and gives the gift to Gary again. Jet Pack Guy says he saw Rookie's house fall while patrolling and that wood from his yeti targets can be used to repair it.

Rookie leaves to pick up the rubble from his house, and the player must throw snowballs at four yeti targets on and around Gary's lab, then collect them. Once they are all gathered they have to be brought back to Rookie's house. Rookie has gathered all the rubble and placed in a pile, and asks the player to place the yeti targets on the pile, and use a jackhammer to repair it. Once it is repaired Rookie thanks the player, and says he wants to go back to the peak and retrieve Gary's scanner. The player then receives 3 emojis, 100 coins, and 100 Rookie XP.

Adventure items

Image Name Location/use
Quest item Choklidium icon
Choklidium Materials requested by Rookie to bring back to him so he can use them to make a gift for Gary.
Quest item Seaweed icon
Quest item Seashells icon
Quest item Coconuts icon
Quest item Gary's gift icon
Gary's gift A gift to give to Gary made out of gathered collectibles and wood from Rookie's house. Contains a miniature model of Gary, as an apology/thank-you gift from Rookie.
Quest item Yeti targets icon
Yeti targets Four wooden targets, used by Jet Pack Guy for training, are located around Gary's lab. After throwing a few snowballs at each of them they are deactivated, and can be used to repair Rookie's house.


  • On November 1, 2017, the XP rewarded for completing this adventure was changed from 140 to 60.
    • In the 1.13.0 update, the reward was changed again, from 60 to 100.
  • In the 1.9.0 update, the coin reward was changed from 50 to 100.

Names in other languages

Language Adventure name Splash text
PortugueseFaça o bemVocê não pode dar ao Gary seus dados, mas talvez você possa levar um pouco de diversão.
FrenchCompensationTu ne pourras pas livrer des données à Gary, mais tu pourras peut-être lui redonner le sourire.
SpanishHaz el bien.No podrás llevarle a Gary la información que necesita pero podrás llevarle diversión

Adventure items

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