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Evil Scientist

Full Name Evil Scientist
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Mad scientist
Appeared Night of the Living Sled, Night of the Living Sled 4
Color Unknown
Clothes Items Black Glasses, Graduation Cap
Related To None
Friends With Living Sled Penguins (since Night of the Living Sled 4)
Meetable Character? No
It's alive!
— Evil Scientist in the Night of the Living Sled
For his live-action counterpart, see Rad Scientist

The Evil Scientist is a penguin in the Night of the Living Sled series that created the Living Sled. He wears a pair of Black Glasses and a Graduation Cap.

Night of the Living Sled

His only appearance is in the first Living Sled movie, in which he turned on a machine that made the sled come to life.


  • While the Evil Scientist's color is unknown, it perfectly matches the color Pink when grayscaled.[1] It is possible that this was a coincidental choice, since the color value (#999999) is a likely pick for a gray color.

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