Other than Club Penguin and Penguin Chat, there were also multiple Experimental Penguins variants. Like Penguin Chat Variants, they were simply modified versions of the same game, licensed to various websites and companies.


The following is a list of the Experimental Penguins.

Contact Music Penguin Chat

Despite the name Penguin Chat, this game was just a modified version of Experimental Penguins. Penguins could dress up to be specific made-up musicians. The game was licensed by Contact Music. Players were able to be one of 6 characters: Bob the Rasta, Angus, Ice P, John the Punk, Disco Dirk or Skeeter. These characters were wearing early prototypes of Items which were to be in Club Penguin.

Football Club Penguin Chat

Main article: Penguin Football Chat

Football Club Penguin Chat was also licensed by Contact Music. In this game, players could talk and play football with other penguins. The football field strongly resembled the Stadium in its early form. Similar penguin uniforms could be bought in Club Penguin.

TV Chat

Created for Play UK. Visitors can select from 6 characters and 5 faces that showed different icons.


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