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|cost= Free
|cost= Free
|found= [[Rockhopper's Rare Items]], [[Treasure Book]] Series 2 & 4
|found= [[Rockhopper's Rare Items]], [[Treasure Book]] Series 2 & 4
|id= 105 ([[Rockhopper Rare Items]]), 10105 ([[Treasure Book]])
|id= 105 ([[Rockhopper's Rare Items]]), 10105 ([[Treasure Book]])
|unlock= Yes (Series 2, 4)
|unlock= Yes (Series 2, 4)

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Available No (Catalog)

Yes (Unlockable)

Type Face Item
Member item No
Party None
Cost Free
Where found Rockhopper's Rare Items, Treasure Book Series 2 & 4
Item ID 105 (Rockhopper's Rare Items), 10105 (Treasure Book)
Unlockable Yes (Series 2, 4)

The Eyepatch is a face item in Club Penguin. It was free to all players.


Before Rockhopper gave out his Autographed Background, this was the free item he gave to penguins who met him. It was also once available to all penguins for free in Rockhopper's Rare Items during the 3rd Anniversary Party. It is very popular when Rockhopper comes back to the Island, as everyone wants to get dressed like a pirate.[source needed]

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