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Fancy Plaza
Prehistoric Party 2014 Fancy Plaza.png

Where Prehistoric Club Penguin
Opened January 17, 2013
January 23, 2014
January 20, 2016
Closed January 31, 2013
February 6, 2014
February 3, 2016
Mini-games Dino Dig (2013)
Room ID 856 (2013 & 2014)
875 (2016)
Tour Description
Welcome to Fancy Plaza. This classy place. Rocky's Pizza there. Bring pizza to eat at cars. Not for driving! We still working on that.

The Fancy Plaza (formerly Dino Nests) was a party room in Club Penguin, accessible during all the Prehistoric Parties. It serves as the Dinosaur's hatching place. This room also has the most Dino Dig games located here.

During the Prehistoric Party 2014, the room changed a lot since then. The room was renamed the Fancy Plaza and a prehistoric Pizza Parlor was added on this room. Rocky's Pizza (Prehistoric Pizza Parlor) appears to have a drive thru, but cars weren't invented then, although you can see that they were trying to make cars back then.


  • It is the prehistoric representation of the Plaza.


Geographic location