Fashion Festival
Fashion Festival Logo

Members only? No
When August 26 – September 16, 2015
Free Item(s) Fashion Festival Background
Dot's Giveaway
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Dot
Not to be confused with the Fashion Show, an event from 2012.
Become a fashion sensation.
— The party's tagline

The Fashion Festival was a party in Club Penguin that began on August 26, 2015, and ended on September 16, 2015. It was confirmed in the upcoming events section of issue 510 of the Club Penguin Times. Players were able to participate in challenges by submitting their outfits in the Fashion Festival interface.

Free items

Image Item Type Obtained by Members only?
Fashion Festival Background icon
Fashion Festival Background Background By logging in after September 10 No
Dot's Giveaway icon
Dot's Giveaway Background Meeting Dot No


Image Challenge Room Description Available date
Everything Squid challenge
Everything Squid Dock Show off your squiditude in as many ways as possible. August 26–29
Prehistoric Prom challenge
Prehistoric Prom Dock Ugga ugga. Get fancy for big dance! August 29 – September 1
Robo Ninja challenge
Robo Ninja Dock Seriously dangerous! And maybe a little louder... September 1–4
Punk Puffle challenge
Punk Puffle Dock We all have that rebellious puffle that does what it wants. September 4–7
Completely Random challenge
Completely Random Dock Why make even a little sense?? September 7–10
Animal Kingdom challenge
Animal Kingdom Forest Create a look for the kings and queens of the wild. August 26–29
Rainbow Mermaid challenge
Rainbow Mermaid Forest Make a splash with this vibrant look! August 29 – September 1
Magical Butterfly challenge
Magical Butterfly Forest Sparkle in the sun with a beautiful butterfly outfit. September 1–4
Wild Puffle Guide challenge
Wild Puffle Guide Forest Show what a true puffle guide looks like. September 4–7
Sea Creatures challenge
Sea Creatures Forest What lives in the ocean around Club Penguin? September 7–10
Gold and Graceful challenge
Gold and Graceful Snow Forts Create the next high-fashion classic! August 26–29
Hollywood High School challenge
Hollywood High School Snow Forts What would your favorite star wear to class? August 29 – September 1
Black Tie Spy challenge
Black Tie Spy Snow Forts Be remarkable. Remarkably fabulous. September 1–4
Red Carpet Sensation challenge
Red Carpet Sensation Snow Forts Design a look that will steal the show! September 4–7
Superhero Style challenge
Superhero Style Snow Forts Make a costume for taking out crime and turning heads. September 7–10


Dock Forest Snow Forts
Challenge Player Card Username Challenge Player Card Username Challenge Player Card Username
Everything Squid
Ponnka Player Card
Ponnka Animal Kingdom
Puffle6421 Player Card
Puffle6421 Gold and Graceful
Bridgetrose Player Card
Saman1309 Player Card
Kit Kat 750 Player Card
Kit Kat 750
Vitorx2 Player Card
Prehistoric Prom
Adventure29 Player Card
Adventure29 Rainbow Mermaid
Pink45367 Player Card
Pink45367 Hollywood High School
Oakey 1 Player Card
Oakey 1
Madman302 Player Card
Vitoria029 Player Card
Ethanc19 Player Card
Robo Ninja
Chlodyl Player Card
Chlodyl Magical Butterfly
Zzzz100 Player Card
Zzzz100 Black Tie Spy
Catlover2827 Player Card
Gemstone290 Player Card
Waterblue22 Player Card
Kekasi2 Player Card
Punk Puffle
Black Keys 5 Player Card
Black Keys 5 Wild Puffle Guide
Smilywiley Player Card
Smilywiley Red Carpet Sensation
Ccsteph Player Card
Whitecaps87 Player Card
B20000 Player Card
Daniela50860 Player Card
Completely Random
Randy44560 Player Card
Randy44560 Sea Creatures
1122daisy Player Card
1122daisy Superhero Style
Tajien Blue Player Card
Tajien Blue
Kitiran Player Card
P235360373 Player Card
Farina126 Player Card


  • In preparation for the party, the Penguin Style of August 2015 was the "biggest catalog ever".
  • During the party, Dot made her first appearance as a mascot.
  • After September 10, 2015, the players with the most likes in each challenge were displayed in the rooms where they were located. There was a top contestant for both member and non-member winners for each challenge, and the screens displaying them swapped between the two every ten seconds.
  • This was the last party for German and Russian languages.


  • Player Cards would not load in the voting interface for some players. This glitch was later fixed.
  • Sometimes when voting for a penguin, the vote would not count. This glitch was later fixed.


Sneak Peeks

Club Penguin Times

Issue 510




After September 10



Names in other languages

Fashion Festival

Language Name
PortugueseFestival Da Moda
FrenchFête de la Mode
SpanishFestival de la Moda
RussianФестиваль моды

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