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Field-Ops Logo
Players 1
Controls Mouse or Arrow Keys
Minigame location EPF Command Room
Date released June 15, 2010 - November 15, 2012

A Field-Op is a mini-mission that EPF Agents could solve every week. Unlike regular missions, they were played in the online rooms of Club Penguin, and you could not go back and do previous Field-Ops. When an EPF Agent completed a Field-Op, they would get a medal. Penguins could redeem these medals for Elite Gear from the Elite Gear Shop in their EPF Spy Phone.

During the Field-Ops, you find out EPF secrets, like finding out the pole on the Ski Hill is the EPF antenna and the red couch in the Lodge Attic contains a hidden device. The Field-Ops ended when Herbert had destroyed the EPF Command Room as part of Operation: Blackout, and were replaced with in-game missions in April 2013.

On April 8, 2013, it was tweeted by Polo Field that Field-Ops might be returning in the future. On May 9, 2013, the old Field Ops were integrated in the new EPF game, Spy Drills.

List of Field-Ops[]

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There is a different game for just about every other field-op. These games can now be played in Spy Drills, as of May 9, 2013.

Circuit Match[]

You must match the circle's symbols in 60 seconds. Once a pair is matched they will turn green and explode. Match all of them to overload the circuits. This mini-game appears in Field-Ops 1, 3, 5, 8, 11, 18, 22, 29, 33, 45, 47, 53, 101 and 104.

Chip Maze[]

You have to guide the micro battery to the microchips to recharge them using the arrow keys. When the battery power is drained out, go back to the recharger to refill it. Avoid the traps scattered around. If you get hit by a trap, the battery power goes down. Get hit three times and the battery is destroyed. Keep repeating the process until all the microchips are recharged. This mini-game appears in Field-Ops 2, 4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 26, 30, 48, 55, 59, 64, 66, 70, 74 and 100.


You have to match matching blocks together as they fall from the top of the screen. There are five non-moving blocks on top and one moving block on the bottom to move around and join the falling blocks onto. Eventually, after matching a few blocks, the speed of the falling blocks gets faster. Match the blocks until the meter on the top of the screen is full. This mini-game appears in a Card-Jitsu Power Card. This mini-game appears in Field-Ops 6, 9, 13, 15, 23, 43, 49, 69, 76 and 106.

Code Break[]

You have to crack the code by selecting a symbol. Once you click "Scan", either a red, yellow, or green light appears. Red means that the symbol is not in any of the slots and that it is incorrect. Yellow means that symbol is the right symbol but it is in the wrong spot. Green means that symbol is correctly placed. If player gets four green lights, the Field-Op is completed. It is similar to a game in The Veggie Villain. This mini-game appears in Field-Ops 17, 19, 25, 27, 31, 38, 46, 51, 63, 65, 72, 75 and 78.

The Navigator[]

You have to control the machine passing all the red switches by pressing the keys at the bottom left of the screen. You only get five chances to input the codes so utilize the chances and finish it before you have to use all five chances. This mini-game appears in Field-Op 21, 28, 32, 52, 61, 67, 71, 73 and 105.


You have to input the X and Y coordinates to locate and destroy the targets. This is the newest Field-Op mini-game, and was released Wednesday 9th, March 2011. This Field-Op mini game appeared in Field-Ops 35, 44, 54 and 62.

Spin Maze[]

This game was only in beta team testing. You have to first build the gears, then let your robot hop onto the gears, and when you press a button the robot hops to another gear until you reach your target. Beware! All of this is under a set of time and if you're not careful you can fall off the gear and will have to start again!

Code Decrypt[]

This mini-game appears in Field-Ops 34, 42, 50, 56, 58, 68, 77 and 103.

Crack the lock[]

This mini-game appears in Field-Ops 36, 60 and 102.

Match the frequency[]

This mini-game appears in Field-Ops 37, 39 and 40.

Target in range[]

This game involves using the arrow keys to move a powered snowball across a guided path. You have to be quick or else it will lose power. This was the least common mini-game, only appearing in Field-op 41.






Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Operações
French Opérations Spéciales
Spanish Minimisiones
German Feld-Ops
Russian Операции на местах