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The climax of the Music Video.

Find Your Voice is a song in WaddleOn Episode 10, released on September 20, 2013 for a special double length episode of #WaddleOn. Below are the lyrics of the song Find Your Voice:


Lyrics in italics are lyrics that appear in bubbles. No italics means they are actually sung.

Turbo Sharks: I only speak in bubbles
That float above my head
When I sing it causes troubles
Cause all of it has to be read
My wish is that I could be heard
But I don't have a choice
The crowd would hang on every word
If I could find my voice

Dolly Button: Balloons are very pretty
They're colorful and bright
With words they can be witty
If the timing's only right
But they're not good when I sing to you
My heart would just rejoice
If I told you of my feelings true
And I could find my voice

Turbo Sharks: I never knew you felt that way
I'm one slow reading guy
But it's what I've always longed to say
My words are just too shy

Dolly Button No one likes a lot of text
To scan it takes too long
But I would sing a novel next
If we could hear our song

Both: If our singing made a little noise
The thrill will be profound
My cup would overflow with joys
If our voices made a sound...

Spirit Of Song:
GUITAR BECOME SWORD! [guitar becomes sword, points to Turbo Sharks]
Turbo Sharks: iiiiiiiii [voices pop on Turbo Sharks, he can now sing for real.]

Turbo Sharks: I have a voice without balloons
It's not booming or deep
It lets me sing melodic tunes
And my promise to you keep [Dolly Button gets surprised, and the Spirit of Song pops her voice]

Dolly Button: Now I can tell you how I feel
My words will be so clear
I can to you my heart reveal
With no typos to fear

Both: Together we can take the stage
And show them what we've got
Our listener's ears we will engage
Their reading levels not
Flying high above today
Or landing on the ground
Singing what we want to say
Our voices have been found!

L8tr Skater: So if you're the Spirit of Song
Why don't you speak too?

Spirit of Song: That's a great idea!
How does my voice sound?

L8tr Skater: Please stop

Party In My Iggy Find Your Voice It's Your Birthday!