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Fire Suit
Fire Suit
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Available No
Type Clothes
Member item No (formerly yes)
Party None
Cost Free
Where found Card-Jitsu Fire
Item ID See below
Unlockable No

The Fire Suit was a clothing set comprised of four items, respectively, the Flame Sandals, Magma Coat, Lava Mask, and Fiery Helmet. It could only have been obtained by playing the game Card-Jitsu Fire.

If you danced with your full suit on, you would produce fire with your flippers. When you waved, you would disappear (like the Cloud Wave Bracelets, but with fire). The Fire Amulet did not have to be worn with the suit.

The Objective[]

To earn the Fire Suit, you had to play against other penguins, many times, in Card-Jitsu Fire by being the last one standing, meaning you needed to get your opponent(s) down to 0 energy. After you win a couple of times, Sensei would reward you with parts of the Fire Suit; first the Flame Sandals, then the Magma Coat, next the Lava Mask, and finally the Fiery Helmet. Then you could challenge Sensei in a battle, and become a Fire Ninja if you beat him and earn the Fire Gem on your Amulet.


Once players got the Magma Coat, they received the Fire Midway stamp. By earning the complete suit, players were given the Fire Suit stamp. If players beat Sensei and became a Fire Ninja, they received the Fire Ninja stamp.


Picture Name ID
FlameSandals Flame Sandals 6025
Magma Coat clothing icon ID 4120 Magma Coat 4120
LavaMask Lava Mask 2013
FieryHelmet Fiery Helmet 1086