The instructions page to Firewall
Players 1
Controls Arrow Keys
Minigame location EPF Command Room,
EPF Spy Phone (previously)
Date released July 21, 2010 (Field-Ops)
May 9, 2013 (Spy Drills)

Firewall is one of the games in Spy Drills. It was also playable in some Field-Ops.

Game Play

The game is played on 5 rows, where some sort of basket is found on the bottom of the screen, and can switch rows by pressing the left and right arrow keys. On every stage of the game, the color of the basket is changed, and 5 matching chips- one on each row- are created on the top of the screen, and are given different colors. The player has to move the basket to the row with the chip with a matching color before the chips reach the bottom of the game. If the player fails, the game ends.


After each successful round, a bar on the top of the screen fills up. Once it is full, the game ends and the player wins.


  • The matching chip on the first row is always the middle chip.
  • It appeared in Field-Ops 6, 9, 13, 15, 23, 43, 49, 69, 76 and 106.
  • The Digital Defender Background is based on this game.


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