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Fish are common animals found in Club Penguin. Were you looking for the:



The Mullet about to eat a Fluffy.

Fluffy in a crate as seen on the Beach during construction for Rockhopper's Quest.

  • Fluffy the Fish - the most commonly seen fish.
  • Grey Fish - fish that appear in Ice Fishing, and are harder to catch than Fluffy.
  • Mullet - giant fish appearing in multiple games, and they only eat Fluffies.
  • Shark - large and dangerous fish appearing as obstacles in many games.
  • Goldfish - small fish usually seen during parties, or in furniture as fish bowls.
  • Puffer Fish - fish with spines covering their bodies, appearing in Soda Sea.
  • Koi - small fish usually seen during parties, stage plays or in furniture.


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