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This article is about the item type. For various things that are flags, see Flag (disambiguation).

Flags were a type of item in Club Penguin that represented real-life flags, and were similar to pins, as both were placed in the top left corner of a Player Card when worn. Each flag cost 20 coins and could be bought by all players, and were located at the back of the Penguin Style catalog.



  • There was an Antarctica flag, but it was a bait item.
  • There was a glitch in 2007 which often occurred when a penguin's membership ran out; if the player was wearing a flag at the end of its membership, the flag stayed on their Player Card. This glitch no longer worked as flags could be purchased by any penguin.
  • Different flags were used to code a message written by Herbert in issue #238 of the Club Penguin Times where the flags corresponded to the first letter of the country they stood for.
  • It was mentioned on episode 13 of The Spoiler Alert that many players requested the flags released on the March 3 update to be made.

List of Flags[]

Flag Page

The former look of the flag page in the Penguin Style

The following list lists the flags by their alphabetical order:


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Bandeiras
French Drapeaux
Spanish Banderas
German Flaggen
Russian Флажки

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