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Black PuffleFlare2
Full Name Flare
Species Puffle
Gender Male
Position Elite Puffle
Appeared Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge Games
Color Black
Clothes Items Welding mask
Related To Unknown
Friends With The Snowball Crew, Other Elite Puffles, Coffee Shop Barista, Aunt Arctic
Meetable Character? Yes

Flare is a Black Elite Puffle, featured in 2 Nintendo DS games: Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and Herbert's Revenge. In the DS games he can be used in Elite Penguin Force Missions, where his ability to breathe small blue flames from his mouth can be used for welding or melting ice.

In online Club Penguin, Flare could be walked by using the Puffle Whistle option of the EPF Phone, or alternatively, the inventory. The whistle could be unlocked by using a code included in the box for Herbert's Revenge or the Elite Penguin Force Card Game.

Up until 2013, all Puffles (with the exception of mascot Puffles like Yarr) were treated as Hand Items. However, when Puffles became seperate, Flare remained as the only Puffle players could walk which still was a regular hand item, and did not have later functions of adoptable puffles, meaning he could not be brought to Cart Surfer, he could not reside in a player's igloo or Igloo Backyard, he could not interact with objects at the Puffle Hotel, etc.


  • Although Flare can ignite the standard red flames you can see from other Black Puffles, he is usually most often seen igniting blue flames when wielding due to the intense heat he can omit.
  • He could not be seen on the Club Penguin App.
  • As of November 2010, there is a Flare power card in Card-Jitsu. When a penguin plays it, the Delta Suit and the Delta Fedora appear on them; then the EPF Phone appears in their hand. The penguin then calls Flare who blows a ring of fire in the air, hops through it, and hits the opponent's head.
  • Flare is the only Elite Puffle to have more than one unique card in Card-Jitsu as he has 2 power cards and a (incorrectly) labeled standardized card.



Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Foguinho
French Flare
Spanish Chispín
German Flare
Russian Огонька