Black PuffleFlare2.png

Full Name Flare
Species Puffle
Gender Male
Position Elite Puffle
Appeared Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge Games
Color Black
Clothes Items Welding Mask
Related To Unknown
Friends With The Snowball Crew, Other Elite Puffles, Coffee Shop Barista, Aunt Arctic, You (If you have him)
Meetable Character? Yes

Flare is a black Elite Puffle, featured in 2 Nintendo DS games: Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and Herbert's Revenge. In the DS games he can be used in Elite Penguin Force Missions, where his ability to shoot fire from his mouth allows welding.

In the online Club Penguin, Flare can be unlocked using a code included in any of these DS games. Players can then summon Flare at any time and walk him, similar to walking a puffle, although in the game he nehaves as a normal Hand Item, rather than an actual living Puffle.

He was originally called Strong, but went through a name change before being released onto Club Penguin.

Special skills

Like most Black Puffles, Flare has the ability to light itself on fire; however Flare can concentrate this fire and shoot it from his mouth. Flare would use this to effectively weld items throughout the two DS games.

Unlockable version

It is possible to unlock Flare using a code from Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, or via the EPF Trading Card game. Flare can then be walked through the Puffle Whistle in the Hand Items section of the inventory or through the EPF Phone.


In Club Penguin itself, Flare is treated as a hand item. Therefore, despite being a Black Puffle in the DS games, Flare in Club Penguin behaves differently than normal Black Puffles:

  • Flare cannot be brought to Cart Surfer.
  • A player can simultaneously walk a normal puffle and summon Flare.
  • Flare does not reside within the igloo when not summoned, since he is not an actual puffle. Therefore:
    • Flare doesn't have a Puffle Interface stats of any kind, and therefore cannot be taken care for.
    • Flare cannot run away or be returned to the wild.
  • In the Puffle Hotel, when a penguin is on the treadmills with Flare, both the penguin and Flare will run on it unlike when a penguin has their own puffle walking with them as it is only the puffle that runs.
  • He cannot dig for treasure.


  • Flare has special blue flames, instead of the regular red, due to the heat of the fire that he wields.
  • Flare had a special friendship with Bouncer in Herbert's Revenge.
  • So far, Flare has been the only Elite Puffle to be available in Club Penguin.
  • Flare used to be a bait item before the EPF, so if you used a cheat program to get him in your inventory, you would be banned.
  • Unlike other puffles, Flare's look was not changed in March 2011.
  • Currently, he cannot be seen on the Club Penguin app.
  • As of November 2010, there is a Flare power card in Card-Jitsu. When a penguin plays it, the Delta Suit and the Delta Fedora appear on them; then the EPF Phone appears in their hand. The penguin then calls Flare who blows a ring of fire in the air and hops through it and hits the opponents head.



Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Foguinho
French Flare
Spanish Chispín
German Flare
Russian Огонька

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