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Fluffy the Fish
Puffle Party 2015 Fluffy
Scientific name Ichthyoid
(scientific name for fish)
Similar creatures Mullet, Gray Fish, Shark
Appeared Ice Fishing, several other places
Predators Penguins, Sharks, Mullet, Megalodon
Prey Worm, Gray Fish
For other subjects related to Fluffy the Fish, see Fluffy (disambiguation). For other fish, see Fish.
For the Club Penguin Island counterpart, see Fluffy the Fish (CPI).

A mullet about to eat a Fluffy the Fish

Fluffy the Fish (a.k.a. Yellow Fish) were small yellow fish who were also recurring characters that appeared in games, missions, rooms, and even on the main currency, the coin, throughout Club Penguin.

Fluffy the Fish Game[]

Main article: Fluffy the Fish (game)

Fluffy the Fish was a game for Club Penguin's Beta Team game testers. It was a fun mini-game where the player controlled a Fluffy to eat the smaller fish, thus growing in size after eating so many. The player could use the arrow keys and mouse.


Sabre-toothed Fluffy



  • Fluffy the Fish were referenced many times in Club Penguin.
  • According to the first Penguin Style catalog, Fluffy belonged to Zippo the Penguin. Fluffy's appearance in the Penguin Style catalog was also his first official appearance on Club Penguin Island as Fluffy the Fish. When asked, rsnail said that Fluffy is "everywhere" and that it might be connected with an unfinished mission.[1] (also the name of a puffle in the comics)
  • In the Beta Team's Club Penguin page, there is a game called Fluffy the Fish. However, this has been updated to Fluffy the Fish 2.0.
  • In the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, three fish appear in different sizes, having to use Mini Fluffy as bait for the Mega Fluffy, but in the Club penguin computer game, they are all the same size.
  • Apparently they are meat-eaters as in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force the bigger Fluffys eat smaller Fluffys.
  • He was the main concept behind the Fish Costume.
  • He was somewhat Club Penguin's unofficial mascot, since he appears in many places and is used as a symbol sometimes.
  • There was a Fluffy Stuffie at The Fair 2014 as a prize, which costs 1,500 tickets.
  • There was also a body item named Fluffy Gown.
  • Fluffy shares his name with Fluffy the Puffle.
  • Team Yellow is called the Fluffies during the Penguin Cup.



  1. "Where is fluffy? Fluffy is all around Club Penguin. Hmmm, I see a future adventure here. — rsnail, What's New Blog