Fog Forest

Where The Wilderness
Opened March 13, 2014
Closed March 20, 2014
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
Welcome to the Puffle Park. It's made just for you and your puffle. You can go on a slide or zipline... or wash up at the hydrant! The cat and dog puffles... especially love this spot!

The Fog Forest was an unused room in Club Penguin. It was only visitable by a login code, and never made a proper appearance since. The room was featured without fog, as The Wilds, on the Puffle Wild app.


  • The Fog Forest could first be accessed by logging in at starting on March 13, 2014. Players would not be able to move in the room, and would spawn in the top left corner. The room closed when the link stopped working on March 20, 2014, where it was replaced by Airport (party1 at the Muppets World Tour).





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