Fog Forest

Where The Wilderness
Opened March 13, 2014
Closed March 20, 2014
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description

The Fog Forest is an unreleased room in Club Penguin. It is currently only visitable via a link, and does not appear by name in any other game files.


  • The Fog Forest was accessed via a link starting on March 13, 2014. You could not move around the room, you would stay in the top left hand corner of the room. The room closed when the link stopped working and took you to the airport at the Muppets World Tour.


  • It is completely covered in fog.
  • You can see what looks like a penguin holding a puffle in the background.
  • The Puffle Cave from Operation: Puffle also appears to be in the background, if it is, then it would explain why there's a penguin with a puffle in the background as the River Cave tour description mentions "Keep an eye out for puffles, lots of them show up here".
  • It could be the Puffle Park construction, but this is unlikely as it is not near the Pet Shop nor resembles the look of the Puffle Park room.
  • Polo Field said in a What's New Blog comment reply that it had nothing to do with the party altogether.[1]
  • It looks like the forest shown on
  • It could be an upcoming room where new puffles could be adopted.
  • It could be a party room for a new EPF mission.
  • Club Penguin Times issue 433's newsflash states "Mysterious mists cover the wilds. Be careful near the Ski Village" which may prove this room is part of the Wilderness.
  • On the mountains in the background, you can see what looks like a penguin walking up the mountain.



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