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I am making a army for Halloween starting today. You can join if ur a member:

Gold Viking Ghost: Boidoh (Ghost Sheet, Gold Viking Helmet, Black Super Hero Mask)

Blue Viking Ghost: — 24keyser (daisy) — (Ghost Sheet, Blue Viking Helmet, Black Super Hero Mask)

Red Viking Ghost: — Arre 320(I have all the helmets) — (Ghost Sheet, Red Viking Helmet , Blue Super Hero Mask)

Normal Ghost — Space Open For 5 — (Ghost Sheet)

Wizard Ghost — Space Open — (Ghost Sheet, Wizards Hat, Blue Super Hero Mask, Blue Cape)

Scuba Ghost — Space Open — (Viking Helmet (Any), Snorkel (Any), Ghost Sheet, Scuba Tank)

Please join.. Boidoh 02:13, 11 October 2008 (UTC)boidoh

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