Full Name Frost Bite
Species Penguin
Position N/A
Appeared Cool In The Cold
Color Unknown (maybe Arctic White, or Blue)
Clothes Items Unknown
Related To Unknown
Friends With Cadence, Polo Field, Businesmoose, other skating penguins
Meetable Character? No

"Frost" (aka Jack Frost, or Ice Penguin) is a semi-famous penguin who made a appearance in Cool In The Cold. He gives everyone the power to dance and skate at the same time.


  • Frost might appear at the Holiday Party 2012.
  • It is possible penguins will be able to transform into Frosty's species, like how they could turn into puffles at the Puffle Party 2012, or turn into ghosts at at the Halloween Party 2012.
    • It is also possible he will have a costume.
    • It is most likely at least one of these is true, because on a Logoff Screen advertising the Holiday Party 2012 says "Members, freeze your friends, meaning using this ability will make you be able to freeze other penguins. This may be in a similar manner to throwing giant snowballs at other penguins while wearing the Herbert Disguise.




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