Frozen Fever Party interface
Frozen Party interface icon.png
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party Frozen Fever Party 2015
Frozen Fever Party 2016
Where? Everywhere

The Frozen Fever Party interface was an interface at both the Frozen Fever Party 2015 and Frozen Fever Party 2016 that let players collect items, some of which required clicking snowflakes in rooms, create a Snowman Puffle, or transform into Marshmallow or Olaf.


Image Item Type Members only
The Spring Bun icon.png
The Spring Bun Head Item Yes
Anna's Birthday Dress icon.png
Anna's Birthday Dress Body Item Yes
The Frozen Flowers icon.png
The Frozen Flowers Head Item Yes
Elsa's Spring Dress icon.png
Elsa's Spring Dress Body Item Yes
Snowgies icon.png
Snowgies Hand Item Yes
Kristoff's Party Outfit icon.png
Kristoff's Party Outfit Body Item Yes
Spring Palace icon.png
Spring Palace Igloo No
Ice Throne icon.png
Ice Throne x5 Furniture No
Ice Rug icon.png
Ice Rug x10 Furniture No
Ice Dining Table icon.png
Ice Dining Table x3 Furniture No

Quest Items

Image Item Type Snowflakes location Members only
Arendelle Banner icon.png
Arendelle Banner Hand Item Beach No
Kristoff's Sleigh icon.png
Kristoff's Sleigh Body Item Yes
Personal Flurry icon.png
Personal Flurry Head Item Dock No
Blizzard icon.png
Blizzard Body Item Yes
Summer Punch icon.png
Summer Punch Hand Item Town No
Reindeer Floaty icon.png
Reindeer Floaty Body Item Yes
Arendelle Royal Regalia icon.png
Arendelle Royal Regalia Hand Item Snow Forts No
Solid Ice icon.png
Solid Ice Body Item Yes
Rustic Hat icon.png
Rustic Hat Head Item Plaza No
Knitted Wool Sweater icon.png
Knitted Wool Sweater Body Item Yes
Reindeer Carrots icon.png
Reindeer Carrots Hand Item Forest No
Hans' Horse icon.png
Hans' Horse Body Item Yes
Kristoff's Lute icon.png
Kristoff's Lute Hand Item Cove No
Icy Hoodie icon.png
Icy Hoodie Body Item Yes
Ice Party Hat icon.png
Ice Party Hat Head Item Finding all magic snowflakes No
Snowman Puffle walk sprite.png
Snowman Puffle Puffle Yes




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