Frozen Party

Members only? No
When August 21 - September 3, 2014
Free Item(s) See Free Items
Location Club Penguin Island
Elsa's Ice Palace
Mascot(s) None
Not to be confused with the Frozen Fever Party 2015, or the Frozen Fever Party 2016.
Get a free Ice Palace
— The tagline for the party

The Frozen Party was a party in Club Penguin that began on August 21 and ended on September 3, 2014.[1] It was first 'confirmed' by Spike Hike in a Spike Saturday meetup as a joke, but was later stated to be official.


In issue 458 of the Club Penguin Times, there was a new flash, mentioning a heat wave hitting the island. In issue 459, there was a report that Gary the Gadget Guy originally predicted warm weather, and there were plans for summer-themed activities. However, the weather report later showed a mix of hot and cold temperatures, prompting Aunt Arctic to invite "friends from far away" who would love a hot and cold themed party.

Free items

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Image Item Type Location Members only
Elsa's Giveaway icon
Elsa's Giveaway Background Clicking Elsa during her performance at her palace No

Pre-announcement hints

  • Spike Hike once tweeted that a Frozen Takeover could be made if there enough requests for it. Shortly before the party was announced, he stated that it was the most asked-for party.
  • In an interview, Polo Field said that the team has "something planned" in response to a question asking for confirmation of Spike Hike's confirmation of the party. But he could not say if the team was going to go through with it.[2]
  • There was a Frozen DVD package including a free 7 day Membership code and a code to unlock the Snowflake Costume found in Australia Target stores.[3]
  • Polo Field stated that the first hint about August would come in the Best Day Ever music video.[4] As promised, Olaf, the snowman from the movie, was spotted in puffle form in a crowd in the video.[5]


  • It was the third sponsored party in 2014, and the tenth sponsored party overall.
  • The island was decorated like the fictional, Norwegian kingdom of Arendelle from the film. The Town, Plaza, and Dock was the kingdom castle and village area. The Forest has Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna. The Beach has the Valley of the Troll Rocks. Finally, the Cove and Snow Forts are based on Olaf's fantasy in the song In Summer from the film.
  • This was the first full party to be also held in the Club Penguin App.
  • The music at the Dock was reused from the Twelfth Fish play featured at the Stage.
  • Two of the three party emotes were originally from the Holiday Party 2012.


  • At the start of the party, when trying to collect the Ice Palace, it said the item was for members only. This glitch is now fixed.
  • At the start of the party, the "Welcome" message kept showing up even when you logged off and logged in again.
  • At the start of the party, if you changed rooms the Party Icon didn't show.
  • At the start of the party, the Snowflakes didn't show.
  • At the start of the party, you could not adopt the Snowman Puffle.
  • The party wasn't available on the Club Penguin App till later that day.
  • Before Elsa's performance was on August 28, players that had the CP app had early access to her ice palace and were able to obtain the free ice furniture pack.
  • On the CP App, some penguins got a weird glitch making their penguin seem invisible while playing, but visible with transformations.
  • On the "collect" button on the ice furniture, there was a member sign on it, indicating it was for members. However, all penguins could collect it.


Sneak Peeks

Newspaper Articles

Issue #459

Issue #460

Issue #461

Issue #463









Safe Chat Messages

Frozen Fun
Let it go Let it gooo!
Freeze the room with magic!
Thaw the room with hearts!
To the Ice Palace!
Where are the magic snowflakes?
Come to my Ice Palace igloo!
Snowman party!
Let's all be royalty!
Let's practice our magic!


Question Answer
What do Arendelle folks say about winter? It's snow problem!
What's a troll's favorite kind of house? A fixer-upper!
What's black and white and red all over? A penguin with a sunburn!
How do bears keep cool in the summer? Bear conditioning!
How does a snowman lose weight? He waits for summer!
What do you call a snowman on rollerblades? A snow mobile!
What does a snowman take when he's sick? A chill pill!
What does the grumpy snowman give? The cold shoulder!
What does a snowman put on iceburgers? Chilly sauce!

Tour Guide Messages

Room Tour Guide
Beach Welcome to the Troll Cave! Some of these stones are trolls and some are just rocks. Trolls love to play games and know a lot about magic!
Dock This is the palace at Arendelle. It's ready for a coronation. Have some cake and dance at the ball then warm up at the fire!
Town Center Here is the Town Center. It's always a busy, exciting place and a great spot to meet friends and be a Tour Guide!
Snow Forts We're way up in the Ice Palace, this was all made by Elsa! This is where you can hear her perform! Wave to Elsa when she comes out!
The Plaza This is the Plaza! Grab a snack at the Pizza Parlor or take in a play at the Stage! Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop then play in the Puffle Park and pamper them in the Puffle Hotel
Forest Need to prepare for an adventure? The Trading Post has what you need! Winter deals in summer, Summer deals in winter!
Cove It's a snowman resort! Play in a sand castle or is that a snow castle? Play some volleyball with friends. A perfect place for a snowman party.

Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseFrozen: Uma Festa Congelante
FrenchFête: La Reine Des Neiges
SpanishFrozen: Una Fiesta Congelada
GermanDie Eiskönigin Party
Russianпраздник Холо́дное Се́рдце

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