Furniture & Igloo Catalog
Furniture & Igloo Catalog February 2017

The last issue of the Furniture & Igloo Catalog
Date released January 16, 2014
August 5, 2015
Available? No
Update frequency Monthly
Items sold Furniture, Igloos, Igloo Locations, Flooring
Where found Igloo
Were you looking for the old catalog, Better Igloos?

The Furniture & Igloo Catalog was a catalog in Club Penguin that sold furniture, igloos, flooring, and locations. It was merged from the Igloo Catalog and Furniture Catalog on January 16, 2014.

Release history


  • On the Club Penguin App, the Furniture & Igloo Catalog remained separated into the Furniture Catalog and Igloo Catalog until August 2015.
  • The names of the new items to the April 2015 issue were misspelled and written in uppercase. These items' names and their labels in the catalog were changed the next day, yet it is not known whether or not these names were picked on purpose.
  • Starting in May 2015, new issues of this catalog were released on the same day as new issues of Penguin Style, where in the past, it would always be released a week after new Penguin Style issues.
  • During the month of July in 2015, it was split back into the Furniture Catalog and Igloo Catalog on desktop.
    • In August 2015, however, the catalogs were merged again.


  • In the October Furniture and Igloo Catalog 2014, there was a glitch where some stuff you buy ends up being other items, and using some items turn into other items.








Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
PortugueseIglu & Cia.Igloo & Co.
FrenchCatalogue d'Igloos et de MobilierCatalog of Igloo and Furniture
SpanishCatálogo de mubles e iglúsCatalog of Furniture and Igloo
GermanMöbel- & Iglu-KatalogFurniture & Igloo Catalog
RussianКаталог мебели и домиковCatalogue of furniture and houses


  • Furniture & Igloo Catalog (Note: no longer updates due to catalogs being stored as images and not flash files since July 2015)
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