Furniture Catalog
Furniture Catalog July 2015

The final issue of the Furniture Catalog
Date released August 22, 2005
June 30, 2015
Available? No
Update frequency Monthly
Items sold Furniture, Flooring
Where found Igloo
Were you looking for the new catalog, the Furniture & Igloo Catalog?

The Furniture Catalog (formerly known as the Better Igloos catalog) was Club Penguin's igloo furniture catalog. A new catalog came out once a month with new furniture items. It was usually released on the second or third Thursday of each month. However, only members had access to buy furniture, excluding the October '13 catalog which had a spooky party pack that everyone could buy. After a few months, a group of items were put in the Clearance section and were then removed the next month. Each new catalog usually contained hidden secret items that were revealed by clicking on certain areas in the catalog's pages.

Since puffles started to play with their furniture, the Love Your Pet catalog moved all non-puffle furniture to this catalog.

Also, in the August-September 2010 Better Igloos catalog, a new feature was added in which penguins could create custom furniture in the Create Your Furniture section.

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A penguin reading the "Better Igloos" catalog

  • It used to be called Better Igloos, until it was renamed the Furniture Catalog in January 2012.
    • The name may have been a spoof of "Better Homes and Gardens", a real life magazine.
  • It was confirmed by Billybob that August 2010's Catalog would have something similar to the "Make Your Own T-Shirt" in the Penguin Style catalog.
    • It did: you could make your own furniture (by customizing it).
  • Igloo Flooring was moved to this catalog in July 2012. It was originally available in the Igloo Catalog.
  • The October 2013 catalog featured a party pack of 10 items, which everyone could buy. This gave non-members a chance to decorate their igloos for Halloween.
  • On January 16, 2014, the Furniture Catalog was merged with the Igloo Catalog and was renamed the "Furniture & Igloo Catalog".
    • In July 2015, they became split again.
    • In August 2015, the catalogs were merged again.


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Names in other languages

Better Igloos

Language Name Meaning
PortugueseIglu Doce IgluIgloo Sweet Igloo
FrenchCôté IglooIgloo Side
SpanishDecora tu iglúDecorate your igloo
German N/A N/A
Russian N/A N/A

Furniture Catalog

Language Name Meaning
PortugueseIglu Doce IgluIgloo Sweet Igloo
FrenchCatalogue de MobilierCatalog of Furniture
SpanishCatálogo de mueblesCatalog of furniture
GermanMöbel-KatalogFurniture Catalog
RussianКаталог мебелиCatalog of furniture
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