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Future Party

Members only? No
When May 22 – June 4, 2014
Free Item(s) Gary 3000 Giveaway
Space Cadet Jetpack
Protobot Helmet
Protobot Costume
Location Future Club Penguin Island (through the Time Portal)
Mascot(s) Gary 3000

— The tagline for the party

The Future Party was a party in Club Penguin that occurred from May 22 to June 4, 2014. During the party, players could travel to a future time period of the year 4014[1] and could blast off into space to defeat a forgotten enemy.



A Future Party was first hinted in Spike Hike's backstory of #WaddleOn... with Gary!. Players responded with a desire for a Future Party, leading to the party being made. On November 8, 2013, Spike Hike posted on the fan blog Club Penguin Memories a little background about the episode.[2]

A little backstory on the Future Dome… last year there was a plan to migrate CP to a new technology and we created the concept of the Future Dome as a way to preview all the new things the technology would bring. It would have shown the 3D penguin, the new rooms, and the ability to jump to friend. However, we found out the new tech wasn’t ready and so we decided to prove it out on mobile instead of changing the web.

We also had this cool idea for a commercial that never got made. Kinda of a spoof on Back To The Future. Gary would come back through time in the Time Trekker and jump out and say “Gadzook!! I just got back from the future! You won’t believe what they have there – we’re all in 3D!!” Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, and Jet Pack Guy would all say “I want to see!” And jump in the Time Trekker. Just as they do Rookie would say “But Mr G, you almost forgot your computer!” And then G would say: “Computer? Where we’re going, we don’t NEED computers.” The Time Trekker would levitate up, the screen would pull back, and you would see that they were all on an iPad. We were going to try to license the Back To The Future music too. But Disney doesn’t own Back To the Future so it was too complicated. It was nonetheless, a cool idea.

So the Future Party never happened but all that stuff has been worked on and is being rolled out. But if people want a Future Party…

— Spike Hike on November 8, 2013

However, the Future Dome wasn't used in this party.


Gary uses the Time Trekker 3000 in early May to go to the future. He meets the Extra-Planetary Federation (future EPF) and Gary 3000 (future version of himself). However, the Ultimate Protobot 10K is threatening to sink the island by shooting it down with meteors unless Gary 3000 gives into his demands. The future EPF cannot help as they embark on other missions involving distant planets such as Upzar II, so citizens of the "present Club Penguin" must go to the future through the Time Portal (not the Time Trekker 3000, as it is used as the source instead), so they can save the island from the incoming meteors, the microbots, and Protobot.

Protobot's plan after was to rule the entire galaxy by stealing secret technology from the EPF. He came on May 29, 4014 in the future, floating in orbit, when attacking from a distance became a challenge. He then battles the new Extra-Planetary Federation Agents to rule the universe, but is defeated by the advanced technology and explodes.

Revelations between May 2014 and May 4014

As seen in the future version of the island, a large apocalyptic event occurs that destroys large portions of the island. It is unknown if this is simply an alternate timeline, and that knowledge of these events allows them to be avoided, causing a different version of the future in which the island is not destroyed. The future island is also very different from the present. The sky looks like the purple space above, and the trees and plants are made of holograms.

  • In June the Penguin Cup takes place annually, as mentioned in the future newspaper.
  • Robotics take over much of the work force on the island, such as the Coffee Shop (which is revamped into the Blast-Off Bistro), and the Clothes Shop (which is revamped into the Robo Shop).
  • At some point, Herbert P. Bear is defeated and/or leaves the island, as Gary 3000 worried about him coming to the future, meaning he was not already there. Gary 3000 also stated he was frozen at one point, according to his mascot script.
    • Gary is the only mascot known to be alive when the party took place.
  • The Elite Penguin Force dissolves and forms into the Extra-Planetary Federation, which has missions all across the universe. Gary 3000 makes inventions for them, and Rookie apparently replaces Aunt Arctic as the Director, although this may have been a joke.
    • The Lighthouse is converted into a headquarters for the Extra-Planetary Federation.

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
Gary 3000 Giveaway icon.png Gary 3000 Giveaway By meeting Gary 3000 No
Space Cadet Jetpack icon.png Space Cadet Jetpack Redeeming it for free from the Future Party Catalog No
UP10Khelmet.png Protobot Helmet Redeeming it for free from the Future Party Catalog No
Protobot Costume icon.png Protobot Costume Redeeming it for free from the Future Party Catalog Yes


Key:Membership Badge Toolbar.png = Stamp that only members could obtain during the party.

Image Item Location
Construction Stamp Wear any Hard Hat and dance 1 week before the party
Gary stamp.PNG
Gary Stamp Meet Gary during the party
Explorer Stamp.png
Explorer Stamp Visit all decorated Party Rooms Membership Badge Toolbar.png
Snack Shack Stamp Use a food emote behind a food stand when a party is held.


A Penguin Cup Trophy found during the party.

An unknown language seen in 4014 Club Penguin during the party.

  • It was confirmed on the Membership Page on April 3, 2014.
  • This was the first party to take place in the future.
  • 75% of Club Penguin Island has been destroyed because of the meteors at this party, including the Dojo, Ski Hill, and Iceberg. The environment has changed over time as well such as replacing trees with holograms and the water being apparently polluted.
  • It is the third type of party to focus on a specific period in time, the first being the Medieval Parties and the second being the Prehistoric Parties.
  • This is the second time penguins were able to go to space, the first being the Star Wars Takeover.
  • During the party, the EPF agents joined the future group, the Extra-Planetary Federation, to combat threats in outer space and other dimensions. Members are able to help the agency by using Robos at the party (which are based on mechas, a common element in science fiction).
  • There is a new party-exclusive mini-game at the party, though it takes place in the game, and with other penguins, like the game in the Unplugged Arcade Machine at The Fair 2014.[3]
  • The tagline, "Save the Island", is similar to Operation: Blackout's tagline.
  • Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000's silhouette could be seen through the Beacon Telescope two weeks before the party. It is unknown how this is possible, because he was supposed to be in the future planning his attack.
  • Penguins can go into the future using a Time Portal accessible from the Snow Forts.
    • This is the first party not to use the Time Trekker to travel to a specific time period, yet the Time Trekker is being used as a power source for the portal.
  • There is a World Cup found in one of the shelves of the Robo Shop for the then-upcoming Penguin Cup.
  • Various rooms had holographic signs that showed symbols. It could be a code like the Tic-Tac-Toe Code.
  • Every 5 minutes, a DJ Space Squid show occurred in the Dance Dome.
  • Members could put their igloo on the map on a special list if they were using the new Space Dome Igloo.
  • Issue #448 of the Club Penguin Times was renamed as Issue #104448, and so was #449 as #104449, meaning that the newspaper had that many issues as of the year 4014. Also, both of these issues had a light-blue, holographic, hex design.
  • Protobot's dialog when spawning into battle differed depending on how many players there were and how many players were Robos.

Bugs and glitches

  • Sometimes when a next wave appears while a meteor is still falling, it will stay there and it can't be destroyed.
  • Sometimes when going out in space to destroy meteors, a glitch occurs where when you are attacking the big meteor, some of its pieces may just stop moving and you won't be able to attack it at all.
  • On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, a message from Gary 3000 would come up saying Protobot was attacking the island and you must defeat him.
  • The Cybernetic Arm was labelled as a body item instead of a hand item for a short time.
  • There was a glitch when you used Puffle Tricks, it would say the No Proto-Bot Emote. This was fixed a few days later.


Sneak Peeks

Club Penguin Times

Issue 445

Issue 446

Issue 447

Issue 104448

Issue 104449






Big Red


Fish Sticks



Protobot 10k Battle


Tour Guide Messages

Room Tour Guide
Snow Forts (2014) These Snow Forts are being used for Gary's time portal to the future! Jump in to travel through time. Maybe check out a robot tour?
Snow Forts (future) Welcome to the Forts. Watch out for meteor impacts! The time portal is active so you can go to the past! See how penguins used to live!
Blast Off Bistro Here at Blast off Bistro, they use the latest serverbots so you can enjoy the sushi, sing on the stage or try the hexagon pizza!
Dance Dome Welcome to the Dance Dome! The world's only weightless dance club! Float to the beat while DJ Space Squid mixes the tunes!
Robo Shop Your one stop Robo shop! Check out the newest tech or fix up your robo. Pilots are always working to make their robos better!
Interstellar Zoo Here is the Interstellar Zoo, where you can meet creatures from across the galaxy. Here are Zonks from Tremes V, or were those Tremes from Zonk V?
Future Beach This is the Beach, Home of the Space Academy. Head inside to start training, or to take the space elevator. Watch out for meteors, it is like they aim for this place.
Space Academy This (is) the Space Academy. Many train here so they can join the Extra Planetary Federation! Practice hitting meteors with snowballs or head to space from that elevator.
Space Space tours are dangerous! There are meteors up here! Try to blast some if you can and let's move to a quieter spot.
"Break" Room Enjoy the wonders of space here! Look at distant stars while you sip on space-coffee and talk about your missions.

Safe Chat Messages

To the future!
Robo dance party!
I need more meteor points
I'm gonna train at the Space Academy
Zero G party at the Dance Dome!
Let's grab sushi at Blast Off Bistro
Watch out for Protobot's attacks
Incoming meteors!
Join my space squad
Let's blast off


Question Answer
What kind of plates do they use in space? Flying saucers!
How do planets get clean? Meteor showers!
How do you throw a space party? You planet?
Why do robots go back to college? Their skills get rusty!
What is a robot's favorite type of music? Heavy Metal!
What's so great about astronaut food? It's out of this world!
How do space pilots tie their shoes? With astro-knots!
Why was the robot angry? Because someone pushed its buttons!

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Festa Do Futuro Party of the Future
French Fête Du Futur Future Party
Spanish Viaje Al Futuro Journey to the Future
German Zukunfts-Party Future Party
Russian Праздник Будущего Future Party




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