Future Party

Members only? No
When May 22, 2014 — June 3, 2014
Free Item(s) Gary 3000 Giveaway
Space Cadet Jetpack
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Gary 3000[1]

— The tagline for the party

The Future Party is a party in Club Penguin occurring from May 22 to June 3, 2014. During the party, players can travel to a future time period of the year 4014[2] and can blast off into space to defeat a forgotten enemy.[3]



A Future Party was first hinted in Spike Hike's backstory of #WaddleOn... with Gary!. Players responded with a desire for a Future Party, leading to the party being made. On November 8, 2013, Spike Hike posted on the fan blog Club Penguin Memories a little background about the episode.[4]

A little backstory on the Future Dome… last year there was a plan to migrate CP to a new technology and we created the concept of the Future Dome as a way to preview all the new things the technology would bring. It would have shown the 3D penguin, the new rooms, and the ability to jump to friend. However, we found out the new tech wasn’t ready and so we decided to prove it out on mobile instead of changing the web.

We also had this cool idea for a commercial that never got made. Kinda of a spoof on Back To The Future. Gary would come back through time in the Time Trekker and jump out and say “Gadzook!! I just got back from the future! You won’t believe what they have there – we’re all in 3D!!” Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, and Jet Pack Guy would all say “I want to see!” And jump in the Time Trekker. Just as they do Rookie would say “But Mr G, you almost forgot your computer!” And then G would say: “Computer? Where we’re going, we don’t NEED computers.” The Time Trekker would levitate up, the screen would pull back, and you would see that they were all on an iPad. We were going to try to license the Back To The Future music too. But Disney doesn’t own Back To the Future so it was too complicated. It was nonetheless, a cool idea.

So the Future Party never happened but all that stuff has been worked on and is being rolled out. But if people want a Future Party…

— Spike Hike on November 8, 2013

However, the Future Dome wasn't used in the party.


Gary uses the Time Trekker 3000 in early May to go to the future. He meets the Extra-Planetary Federation (future EPF) and Gary 3000 (future version of himself). However, the Ultimate Protobot 10K is threatening to sink the island by shooting it down with meteors unless Gary 3000 gives into his demands. The future EPF cannot help as they embark on other missions involving distant planets such as Upzar II, so citizens of the "present Club Penguin" must go to the future through the Time Portal (not the Time Trekker 3000, as it's used as the source instead), so they can save the island from the incoming meteors, the enemy robots, and Protobot.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
50px Gary 3000 Giveaway By meeting Gary 3000 No
50px Space Cadet Jetpack Reedeming it for free from the Future Party Catalog No
UP10Khelmet Protobot Helmet Reedeming if for free from the Future Party Catalog No


Key: Membership Badge Toolbar = Stamp that only members could obtain during the party.

Image Item Location
Construction Stamp Wear any Hard Hat and dance 1 week before the party
Gary stamp
Gary Stamp Meet Gary during the party
Explorer Stamp
Explorer Stamp Visit all decorated Party Rooms Membership Badge Toolbar
Snack Shack Stamp Use an food emote behind a food stand when a party is held.

Items redeemable using Meteor Points

Image Item Cost Member Available from
Clothing Icons 5442
Bubble Ray Gun 100
May 22, 2014
Clothing Icons 1869
Final Frontier Helmet 100
Asteroid Head 150
Zaryax VI Hat 150
Planet Zeta Costume 350
Final Frontier Suit 250
Asteroid Costume 500
UFO Costume 850
Clothing Icons 5443
Cybernetic Arm 150
May 26, 2014
Clothing Icons 1868
The Transmitter 100
Cyborg Hat 100
‎Star Out Costume 250
Planet Costume 300
We Come in Peace Costume 350

Musical Style

See music SWFs for the party

The music for the party was styled as electronic music, with hints of a chiptune style blended into the music, giving the sense of the abundance of technology. The theme music for the Battle Room/Training area (where penguins defended against incoming meteors and robots) was given a fast-tempo for a "danger effect".



A Penguin Cup Trophy found during the party.


An unknown language seen in the future Club Penguin during the party.

  • It was confirmed on the Membership Page on April 3, 2014.[5]
  • This is the first party to take place in the future.
  • It is the third type of party to focus on a specific period in time, the first being the Medieval Parties and the second being the Prehistoric Parties.
  • This is the second time penguins were able to go to space, the first being the Star Wars Takeover.
  • May's party was originally going to be a Music Jam event, but that was proven to be false; the Music Jam has been confirmed to come sometime during the summer as the Music Jam 2014.
  • A leaked song from Club Penguin was titled "Extra Planetary Force", a likely reference to the EPF for the Future Party.[6] Another song named "Space Battle Robots" suggests that the EPF could be battling Robots, or controlling them.
  • Sometimes when going out in space to destroy meteors, a glitch occurs where when you are attacking the big meteor, some of its pieces may just stop moving and you won't be able to attack it at all.
  • During the party, the EPF agents joined the future federation, the Extra-Planetary Federation, to combat threats in outer space and other dimensions. Members are able to help the agency by using Robos at the party (which are based on mechas, a common element in science fiction).
  • There is a new party-exclusive mini-game at the party.[7]
  • The tagline, "Save the Island", is similar to Operation: Blackout's tagline.
  • An unknown robot, most likely Protobot, can be seen through the Beacon Telescope two weeks before the party.
  • Penguins can go into the future using a Time Portal accessible from the Snow Forts.
    • This is the first party not to use the Time Trekker to travel to a specific time period, yet the Time Trekker is being used as a power source for the portal.
  • It is possible that the Space Squid sketch on Waddle On is taken from the Break Room.
  • The party takes place in the year 4014.
  • There is a World Cup found in one of the shelves of the Futuristic Clothes Shop (Robo Shop) for the upcoming Penguin Cup.
  • Not all of the text seen in the future Club Penguin are readable, as various rooms showed text in an unrecognizable language.
  • Every 5 minutes, a Space Squid DJs at the Dance Dome.


Sneak Peeks

Club Penguin Times

Issue #445

Issue #446

Issue #447

Issue #104448

Pre-Awareness Screens

Log-off screens

Log-on screens




Gary Spotted


EPF Messages

To the future!

To the future!
Robo dance party!
I need more meteor points
I'm gonna train at the Space Academy
Zero G party at the Dance Dome!
Let's grab sushi at Blast Off Bistro
Watch out for Protobot's attacks
Incoming meteors!
Join my space squad
Let's blast off

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
PortugueseFesta Do FuturoParty of the Future
FrenchFête Du FuturParty of the Future
SpanishViaje Al FuturoJourney to the Future
GermanZukunfts-PartyFuture Party
RussianПраздник БудущегоFuture Party







Theme Music

Sound Effects


Sources and References

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