Gamma Gal

Full Name Amy
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position Super Hero
Appeared Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite!
Color Various (Pink as Amy)
Clothes Items Gamma Gal Costume (old)
Pink Cape (old)
The Gamma Gal
Pink Superhero Mask
Gamma Gal Reboot
White Cape
The Dizzy
Layered Lavender Outfit
Blue Sneakers
Related To Unknown
Friends With Shadow Guy, Sensei
Meetable Character? No
Super costume mega transform!
— Gamma Gal

Gamma Gal (real name Amy) is a Super Hero who works with Shadow Guy. She is a main character in the play Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal at the Stage.


Powers and Abilities

Gamma manipulation

  • Gamma Gal can create and fire glowing pink gamma as a projectile from her flippers at will.
  • Transforming herself into a glowing pink gamma 'ball', Amy can traverse wide open spaces as if she were flying. She can choose when to enter/exit this form.


  • Amy shoots yellow lightning bolts when her gamma is combined with Shadow Guy's shadow waves.




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