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Garianna Restored by RestorX.png

Full Name Garianna
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position Witch; Deceased
Appeared Unknown
Color Aqua
Clothes Items Gary's Glasses
Related To Garugg the Ugg Ugg
Gariwald VIII
Gary the Gadget Guy
Gary 3000
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

Garianna was a witch who lived during the Medieval Times. She was a relative of Gary the Gadget Guy, Gariwald VIII, Garugg the Ugg Ugg and Gary 3000. She was a witch who made magical potions that gave the ability of transformation to Penguins. Her existence was unknown to Gary until Rockhopper found and gave her Magical Book to him prior to the Medieval Party 2013. This inspired Gary to turn the School into a wizardry school to teach penguins wizardry and spells.


In Medieval times, Garianna created and executed spells that could transform her fellow penguins. She wrote these potion formulas down in her spell book, which in the course of unknown events ended up on a mysterious island.

Garianna also had some connection to puffles, writing pages similar to the Puffle Handbook, which described how one should care for a gold puffle, as well as how to find one. This implies that she had some similar role as PH in addition to having the inventing ancestry of Gary's family.


  • She is one of the four known relatives of Gary, the other three being Gariwald VIII, Gary 3000 and Garugg the Ugg Ugg.
  • A picture of her was bitten off where her golden puffle would have been.
  • Garianna traveled off Club Penguin Island at some point, as stated by Gary in the January 9th, 2014 newspaper. This makes her the third known famous penguin to do so, after Rockhopper and Bambadee.
    • According to Rockhopper, Garianna's potion book was found on a "mysterious island" he visited. This was most likely one of the islands she visited.
  • During the November 2013 Tremors, a few missing pages of Garianna's spell book were found at the Cave Mine, instructing the care of Gold Puffles. How they got there is unknown, since her spell book was found in another island.
    • She may have visited the island either before or after she went to the aforementioned island.
  • In Issue #420, PH suspected that Garianna had a Golden Puffle (which is true).