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The Operation Computers located in Gary's room.

Gary's Room was Gary the Gadget Guy's private room. It was located on the second floor of the Sport Shop until 2010, and could only be accessed in PSA Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue and in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. It was destroyed in the Popcorn Explosion and replaced with the Everyday Phoning Facility.


  • Gary has a star-chart of the Club Penguin constellations. They are a fish, a jackhammer, and a puffle.
  • He has a periodic table on the wall.
  • He has a collection of pins (excluding the Soccer Ball pin) starting from the Shamrock pin all the way to the Tulip pin.
  • Gary has a Linksys wireless router in his room.
  • In the DS game, the top left screen is the "Stars" screen-saver on a computer. The top middle screen has mysterious codings, and the last one has a UFO floating around space.
  • On one of Gary's desks, there are 4 figurines representing Club Penguin staff. The rocket tied to the snail represents Club Penguin founder Rsnail (which is short for Rocketsnail), the figure of the pig with a screen on it represents former Club Penguin artist Screenhog, the figure of the tea cup with the good tag represents former Club Penguin producer Goodtea, and the flying fox hanging from a lamp represents one of the minigame developers, whose penguin name was Flying Fox.[1]
  • As revealed in The Inventor's Apprentice, the door to this room is alarmed.


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