Gary 3000

Full Name Gary 3000
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Inventor, Scientist, Technology Specialist
Appeared Future Party
Color Blue
Clothes Items Gary 3000's Lab Coat, Gary 3000's Glasses, Gary 3000 Helmet
Related To Gary the Gadget Guy (past self), Gariwald VIII (great uncle), Garugg the Ugg Ugg (great x11 uncle), Garianna (relative from Medieval Times)
Friends With You (if you add him or are a friend of his past self)
Meetable Character? Yes
Welcome to the future!
— Gary 3000

Gary 3000 is an inventor from the future. He is described as "Gary in the future but different". Similar to how Gary the Gadget Guy is an agent in the Elite Penguin Force, Gary 3000 is part of the Extra-Planetary Federation, a future agency similar to the EPF.[1]

He was found in the year 4014[2] during the Future Party by players who used the Time Portal. This suggests that Gary will live for over 2 millenniums (in a present day perspective). However, this is doubtful, as Gary 3000 may just be a relative of Gary (suggesting that they are two completely different penguins). But, in issue #449 of the Club Penguin Times, when asked if the Time Portal could be kept open, Gary 3000 said that he could've "considered it in his younger days", implying that Gary 3000 could actually be an older version of Gary. Gary 3000's mascot scripts also say that he helped the EPF with gadgets long ago, again implying that he and Gary are one and the same.


In the future, his inventions are used all over the galaxy. He invented the Robos for the Extra-Planetary Federation, which are walking robot suits that allow penguins to "fly into orbit" to "defend against threats from outer space and other dimensions". He also made Space Cadet Jetpacks for similar usage, and probably made the Space Academy.[source needed]


  • In the beginning sprite[3] when you go to the future, Gary 3000 is very alert and serious.
    • However, in-game when you meet him, he is more kind, relaxed, and joyful, as he introduces himself and sometimes tells you that you are in proper scientist attire, and he explores the future with the new Extra-Planetary Federation Agents that are meeting him.


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  • In WaddleOn... with Gary!, Gary does end up meeting a future version of himself. However, that was probably non-canon, or that the future Gary came from a time before the year of Gary 3000's time (4014).
  • He has the secret technology that Protobot wants.
  • If you ask him about what happened to Herbert, he will say "Herbert is cryogenically frozen".
  • He enjoys playing chess.



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