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Gary the Gadget Guy

Full name Gary the Gadget Guy
Species Penguin
Gender? Male
Gives adventures? No
Position Scientist
Voiced by Todd Haberkorn
For his Club Penguin counterpart, see Gary the Gadget Guy.
It's theoretically impossible... but let's try anyway!
— Gary the Gadget Guy

Gary the Gadget Guy is a scientist and inventor on Club Penguin Island. He has made many contributions to the island such as helping the player in certain adventures and creating inventions.



Gary appeared in Machine Malfunctions, with Aunt Arctic, at the Beacon Boardwalk, when Hot Sauce Power Stations around the island started to go haywire. In the adventure, Gary helps the player fix the haywire Hot Sauce Power Stations.

Adventures appeared in

Character Episode
Aunt Arctic Chapter 2 - Ep. 1 - Machine Malfunctions
Aunt Arctic Chapter 2 - Ep. 6 - Hot Bottle
Aunt Arctic Chapter 2 - Ep. 8 - System Defender
Aunt Arctic Chapter 2 - Ep. 10 - Skyberg Assault
Rookie Chapter 1 - Ep. 2 - Fixer Upper
Rookie Chapter 1 - Ep. 3 - Tubular Tech
Rookie Chapter 1 - Ep. 4 - Safety First
Rookie Chapter 1 - Ep. 5 - Special Delivery
Rookie Chapter 2 - Ep. 2 - Better Yeti
Rookie Chapter 2 - Ep. 3 - Windy Path
Rookie Chapter 2 - Ep. 4 - Make Good
Rookie Chapter 2 - Ep. 5 - Colder Climes


  • One of Gary's inventions is the Auto-Warbler 3000, which was first seen in the Rookie adventure Fixer Upper. The Auto-Warbler 3000 recreates songs by being exposed to loud music.
  • Another one of Gary's inventions is the Heatseeker Goggles, which was first seen in the Aunt Arctic adventure Hot Bottle. The Heatseeker Goggles allow a penguin to see hidden heat trails. Gary could also be seen wearing them at Halloween 2017.


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