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Halloween 2012 Ghosts player Aqua
Full Name Ghosts
Species Penguin
Position Haunters of Club Penguin
Appeared Club Penguin Times, A Penguin Christmas Carol, Halloween Party 2011, A Humbug Holiday, Halloween Party 2012, Halloween Party 2014, Halloween Party 2016
Color Any
Clothes Items None
Related To ?
Friends With Other ghosts
Meetable Character? Yes
Ghost aqua

Special Ghost Dance

There were Four Ghosts that appear in the book, A Penguin Christmas Carol. They were all a parody of the actual ghosts in A Christmas Carol, a novel written by the popular Victorian author, Charles Dickens.

There were also other ghosts on Club Penguin Island, such as the Candy Ghosts and Gariwald VIII.

At the Halloween Party 2016 members were able to transform into them by using the Monster Maker 3000.

Famous ghosts[]

Jacob Mukluk[]

Main article: Jacob Mukluk

Jacob Mukluk is Scrooge's business partner. He worked at the Pizza Parlor.

Ghost of Christmas Past[]

The Ghost of Christmas Past is a ghost that showed Scrooge how he had fun with Bambadee, Suneroo and Smulley during a past Christmas when he was a young penguin. There's no picture of it seen in the book.

Ghost of Christmas Present[]

The Ghost of Christmas Present is a jolly, decorated ghost. He showed Scrooge happy penguins that had fun and donated for Coins for Change.

Ghost of Christmas Future[]

The Ghost of Christmas Future is a shadowy character. He looks miserable and his face is partly shaded so the features of his face cannot be seen. He shows Scrooge a sad penguin which is himself, what would happen if he didn't stop being greedy.

Gariwald VIII[]

Main article: Gariwald VIII

Gariwald VIII is the great uncle of Gary the Gadget Guy, the uncle of either one of his parents. He has been missing for a very long time. He could possibly be friends with Sensei. He appears in the Halloween Party 2012, as you have to search for his ghost in his Haunted Mansion. He looks almost identical to Gary, besides his side-burns, mustache, outfit, and of course, the fact he is a ghost. But if you completed the field-op October fourth Gary the Gadget Guy will say " Eureka! You found my Great Uncle Gariwald's lost laboratory notes. Well done! Hmm... Before he disappeared, it looks like he was investigating a paranormal ectoplasmic activity. In other words Ghosts...". On the second issue of the Penguin Times on the Halloween Party 2012 it says that he wanted to study ghosts, and the best way to study a ghost is to become one, so he used the Ghostamatron to become a ghost, meaning that he isn't actually dead.


Main article: Skip

Skip was an evil Ghost disguised as a Bellhop for the Puffle Hotel. He tricked players into helping him catch the Ghost Puffles to use their ghost energy to become stronger and to haunt Club Penguin. It was also Skip that kidnapped Gariwald at the Halloween Party 2014.

Skip's first and only appearance so far was during the Halloween Party 2014.

Other Ghosts[]

Candy Ghosts[]

Main article: Candy Ghosts

Candy Ghosts were spotted in the Halloween Party 2011 and Halloween Party 2012. They were hidden in piles of candy, hence their name 'Candy Ghosts'. There were 8 total hidden throughout the island.

Giant Ghosts[]

Giant Ghosts were spotted on the island during the Halloween Party 2012. They appeared when a ghost penguin performed the special dance action in certain rooms. They were visible without having to wear the Ghost Goggles. However, they could not be caught even if the Ghost Catcher Uniform was used.

Ghost Puffles[]

Main article: Ghost Puffle

Ghost Puffles appeared during the Halloween Party 2014. They were the supposed 'haunters' of the Puffle Hotel. Penguins were eventually able to adopt as many as they chose upon releasing them from captivity.

Club Penguin: Halloween Panic![]

Main article: Club Penguin: Halloween Panic!

In Club Penguin: Halloween Panic!, five ghosts called Yella, Greepy, Redrum, Blooky and Poltergus have the ability to turn penguins into ghosts.



Player Card - Halloween Party 2012[]