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The Gift Shop Computer is the computer located in the Gift Shop Manager's Room. It contains:

All of which can be found on a floppy disk, underneath the couch in the Gift Shop Manager's room.

Operating System

Penguin OS logo

The computer's operating system is Penguin Operating System 2.0 or Penguin OS 2.0, which is a DOS. It looks like a Windows '98 or a Mac System 6 system. The logo also resembles Tux, the Linux mascot. The only game available is Ice Bricks.


  • It can only be seen and accessed in Mission 3, where agents must insert a Floppy Disk into it to boot it up.
  • In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, one of the Test Bots steals the computer. If the player gets Bouncer to shoot a snowball at it, it will let go of the computer and the keyboard will snap.
  • It resembles an old personal computer.
  • In Mission 11, Herbert stole the computer to use it to hack into the PSA Computer System, although it is not clear how Herbert used it to hack into the PSA system, because it is a Disk Operating System, that needs a disk to boot up.
    • It is possible that Herbert upgraded the computer system when he stole it, so he could hack into the PSA system.


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